Wild About Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Wildy Pink

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting in Wildly Pink

It's always the last thing you put on but never the thing you forget.

Lipstick, like a diamond, is a girl's cosmetic best friend. Every woman wants a lipstick, and those who don't wishes they do.

Do still remember your very first lipstick? Mine was MAC Brave. It was a brown pink lipstick that suited my then  tanned skin and I had to beg my mom repeatedly to buy it for me. I was happy that she gave in. It's quite surprising how I was able to maximize that one lipstick for school, parties, event. Back then, I didn't know much about makeup and would just wear whatever. It was a shameful time for me... it's like seeing an old picture of yourself wearing baggy jeans.

And never did I imagine that I would be owning nearly 100 tubes of lipsticks and glosses! Most of them in the brighest and most colorful of pinks! Very far from my toned down almost-nude MAC Brave.

When I went to the launch of Estee Lauder's Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick, I got to take home with me one of its shades, Wildly Pink. Yup! Another pink lipstick! But far from other lipsticks, this one exceeds the expectation in pigmentation and staying power. It even leave a stain on my lips even after eating and drinking.

This has got to be one of the most luxurious lipstick in my collection and one that I'm happy I can often use. The shade may look a bit bold but this actually works for most of the events, socials and parties I go to. It may not be the type of lipstick to wear for work, but hey... it's a way to perk up your ho-hum afternoon.

Splurging on a lipstick is okay, it being a product often used in public. Make sure to get something you can use everyday for all occasion, work or play.

Here's how Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting in Wildly Pink looks on me:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting in Wildly Pink

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting in Wildly Pink


Estee LauderPure Color in Wildly Pink
(Natural Light)

Pure Color in Wildly Pink
(with Flash)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting
in Wildly Pink

I love my Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting lipstick in Wildly Pink. It's so like me, bold and beautiful! LOL! Just kidding. :) Seriously, I love how the the pink shade flatters my skintone while the gold packaging goes very well with most of my things. And isn't it just so fancy? I have a feeling that this isn't the last high-end lipstick that will touch my lips.

Lipsticks are lipsticks, expensive or not, they work the same way. But as much as I am a fan of affordable brands like NYX, Avon and Colour Collection, once in awhile I like having expensive lippies like Estee Lauder in my stash, especially when attending social functions. After all, I save money so I can buy not only a lot of things but also those with quality. Makes sense, right? :)

What about you? Do you lavishly spend money on extravagant lipsticks? What shade do you think you'll be buying? :)

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  1. You are bold and beautiful! :) And this lippie looks great on you. What I have in my stash are just Maybelline and NYX (which I dearly love). I still haven't bought an extravagant lippie, but I think I'll be getting a red shade from MAC if ever I decide to buy one. :)

  2. My lips are very dry. Do you think this'll work for me?

  3. I love the color on you Shen!

  4. this color is perfect! sooo pretty!  i don't spend on extravagant lipsticks just because i can't afford it... if i have an expensive one in my stash, it is usually given by my tita from the States, hihihi....

  5. Shweta Shefali29/1/12 4:44 PM

    issa nice name tita...is she ur sister


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