Product Review: The Body Shop Brush Roll (with 5 Essential makeup brushes)

Good morning, Ladies!!

Here's another product review and this time it's The Body Shop Brush Roll with Five essential tools for flawless make-up on the go.

When I gave a short talk at one of The Body Shop's event, they gifted me this fabulous brush roll for my attendance. Dio Mio! What a gift indeed! It's always been a dream for me to own brushes from The Body Shop! Don't we mineral makeup lover just adore the synthetic brushes from this brand?

I swear I couldn't stop touching it even when the I was inside the movie house. It was heaven to touch!

I'm not sure if this brush is limited edition, though. I got this around March (Sorry took me this long to blog about it). As we all know, The Body Shop brushes are made with synthetic brushes that is super soft and made obviously of superior quality. Prior to this the only brush from The Body Shop I owned was the lip/concealer and eye shadow blender. Both are servicing me real well, I tell you.

The brush roll came with 5 very useful brushes:
1. A Blusher Brush
2. A Brow & Lash Comb
3. A Smudger Spongetip
4. An Eyeshadow Brush
5. A Lip/Concealer Brush

The Blusher Brush I use for well, blushes... hehehe! I use it as well for foundation and BB BCream and it gives a good coverage for a not-so-completely foundation. The truth is, I was such in a hurry that I mistook it for a foundation foundation brush and notice that it can sub as one in the future.

The Brow & Lash Comb is probably one of the sturdiest brushes I've ever used as I go through them like candy. 

The Smudger Spongetip, I haven't gone around to using just yet since I never really got the hang of using spongetip brushes at all. But I guess tip will go well for when using my kajal eyeliner from The Body Shop Autumn Collection 2010.

The Eyeshadow Brush is the best for foiling! It has the right amount of thinness and stiffness that its uberly amazing when I use this with any Body Shop eye shadows and multi-purpose mineral makeup. Since the brush is on the thinner side, shaping your eyes to form the eyeshadow wingtip is easier to do and you can extend your eyeshadows even without the use of the a tape (remember that?).

If you've got more dependable eyeshadow brushes in your stash, this brush can serve as good concealer brush given its synthetic and can transfer products real well on to your lids or skin.

The Lip/Concealer brush is love! This is probably my most favorite lip brush of all of my lip brushes (and I do a few great ones). But this one does the job easy and fast no matter what lip product I use, from typical lipstick  to more unusual ones like OCC liptar.

What I love:

  • This makes an amazing beginner brush set or additional one to your growing brush collection.
  • Softness factor is through the roof!!
  • Made from synthetic fibers - good news to all animal lovers out there and those who have seeriously sensitive skin.
  • Great aesthetics, I always like how the TBS brushes are shaped and I like the moss green color of the handles.
  • The brush roll is uber cute and can be mistaken for a clutch bag and comes in magnetic clasp as well.

What I don't:

  • I'm sure this is about a thousand or more and with that price, you can already get a brush set with a lot more brushes in it.. 

Overall, this is a good buy for a branded brush set and for the quality, you're really getting your money's worth. If you want one but don't have the budget, wait for The Body Sale and promotions. Also, be a The Body Shop Love Your Body member, I get lots of perks from having one and exclusive promos and even freebies.

Grade: A-

Have you ever tried Body Shop's makeup brushes? Share your stories here with me please! :)

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  1. the only Body Shop brush I have is the Synthetic Foundation Brush and I love it, it never fails me.  Very easy to use and very soft on my face.  It has been with me for years and it's still as good as new... I would love to have other TBS brushes but too steep for me! :) nice review Miss Shen, I'm so glad you're back to blogging...

  2. I have two TBS make up brushes and I love it...

  3. i super duper love their big kabuki brush, hasn't shed once, does not bleed when i wash it and it's perfect for my mineral aqua fr revlon ;-) ♥

  4. ScatterbrainAdventures29/6/11 4:01 PM

    I have their mineral blush brush. it's so soft. I also use it to buff out foundation.

  5. Street Fashion Tips29/6/11 4:53 PM

    I discovered that much better to buy an expensive make up than much cheaper.. especially make-up brushes.

  6. I love their products but the thing is I don't have the money for it!  :-/

  7. Billie Liboro11/7/11 4:01 PM

    Thanks so much Shen!!! :) <3


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