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What is a Beauty Blogger?


No, I am not answering this question. As a matter of fact... I am asking you! (readers, bloggers, internet savvy people)

What is a beauty blogger for you?

Does she have to be pretty? Writes well? Thin? Have set of rules and guidelines when writing about a product? Does makeup professionally or very skilled at it? Does she need to be given free stuff? Should she be able to represent a brand like fashion bloggers for brand clothings? When PR taps her to attend events? Buys only stuff she blogs about?

When is the time that someone can call herself a beauty blogger?

Why am I asking this? Well, personally, I have my own idea what a beauty blogger is but since I don't want to cause any untoward or bad reactions and judgements from other people, I just want to ask you guys first  so I can gauge if we all have somewhat similar definition.

I really need your input in this. :)

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