Sunday, April 24, 2011

Luxury Sundays: My Mom Would Love Filextra by GoodSkin Labs


If only my mom is here, I'll be sure to buy Filextra for her this Mother's Day. I got to be aware of how I look because of her. She taught me the proper grooming and to ensure I look my best when I'm out. She brought me to the derma when my pimples were acting out. She bought me my first lipgloss. She went and gave me money so I can buy mineral makeup at Beauty and Minerals stall at Chirst The King Bazaar...

I feel so sad that I don't get to spoil her with all the latest anti-aging and whitening skin care products that I see. Especially Filextra which I know she'll like since she suffers hallows cheeks and undereyes... But I guess it's not a problem for her anymore. Up there I bet she don't have wrinkles or aging problem.. I bet she looks great right now.

But I'm really really sure that if she's with me now, she would immediately ask me to buy this for her and enough with me buying her inspirational books. lol. I miss her.. I miss her big time...

And yes, Ma. I'd be sure to drink lots of water and sleep early every night. I will try, I promise..

Filextra is available at all SM Beauty Department Stores and selected Watsons Store.


Rizel said...

Hi Shen! Thank you for this preview. :) I'll meet you soon for this ok? *big hug*

Issa said...

another nice product to try from good skin labs :)

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