Product Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Fire and Ice Lipstick Collection (photos, swatches, recommendations)

It's very obvious how addicted I am to lipstick and I don't discriminate, less expensive or not, I wish I could try them all. Because I think in trying, that's when you see the value of a certain thing. That's why I feel blessed that I get to try different products in the course of this blogging journey.

For example, the new Super Lustrous Fire and Ice Collection from Revlon that's been making raves all over blogging world. If you notice the lipstick are very opaque on my photos compared when you try it on the counters, it's because I'm maximizing the pigmentation of these lipsticks. Why show you just a bit of the potential of these lipsticks, right?

And personally, I apply that much on my lipstick every time I go out to avoid retouching too much.

The Fire and Ice Collection comes in the usual black packaging but it's metal tube is in gold so you know i'm all over it. I love the old fashion feel of the these lipsticks. A great bonus, of course, is that it's see-through on top of cap for easy identification. Who doesn't want something like this in a lipstick packaging right?

Let us first discuss the subtler colors of the collection which are the Temptress and Demure. They are not as opaque when first applied compared to Colorburst collection which I've told you, I love. But the colors isn't so hard to apply either. I'm girls who love the subtlety of neutral pink lipstick will love both these colors. They are both very safe for work.

Since I never judge a lipstick by the shade of any skin tone , i believe that all lipsticks are made to be worn by all (it just depends on your whole makeup concept). I can never say Temptress are more for the fairer skintones while Demure is well, for those not so fair. Again, I refuse to adhere to that concept. I once thought I could never pull off a red or purple lipstick, on both accounts, I was made to eat my words.


Temptress is a down to earth cotton candy pink liptick that appears to be in between sheer and frost. When first applied, you'll already get that tinge of pinkish lips that if you continue to swipe it then you'll get the same color of it as you see in tube. At least it was in my case. It has rich velvety feel and it glides on easily.

If you fancy wearing pink lipsticks, then I suggest this one. If you have a pinkish tone in you, then this will definitely work for you. For an everyday wear, I really think anyone could pull this off. It's not as natural as it appears to be but I love the color it brings. :)



Demure is something I know everybody would like as it's the least intimidating among the four tubes of lipsticks I got. It's obviously the more natural, on the peach side and great for everyday type of lipstick. It almost have the same shade as my lips if I applied it in a single swipe. It's sort of, my-lip-but-better lipstick. But I can't deny how it nice it shows against my yellow undertoned skin.

So if you have the same skintone as I am and even the fabulous golden morenas and on a look out for a nice MLBB lipstick for everyday use, Demure is certainly a jackpot. You'd hardly see me wearing regular shade lipstick but I did like this one.



Siren is something that screams statement. This red orange lipstick is sure to be a hit for those who loves bright and bold. Definitely summer ready as the trend for 2011 when it comes to makeup is all out daring. Not so many will want to try to pull his off but to be able to is something that you would probably want under your cosmetic fixation belt. Personally, I can't see myself wearing this shade without a flawless makeup application and a toned down eye... but hey! If other's can do it, so can I.

A definite consolation is how easy it is to apply. It is somewhat satin-y matter that glides ever so loving on your lips and doesn't nestle on top of the wrinkles on my lips. I approve of the formulation. If you want a pop of color, fair skin or otherwise, this is a good bet.

How to pull it off? Clean lines, neutral eyes, darkened brows to balance the colors of the face, a tinge of blush and a little face contouring to not have that flat face appearance. make sure that you're face is not completely washed out. A must, curled lashes and mascara.


Fire & Ice - in Limited Edition packaging

A remake from the 60's, this lipstick have earned raves even before our parents even thought of hooking up. This blue-base red lipstick could definitely stand on its own. Pigmentation is off the charts and the consistency is truly worth the price you're paying. That's just my opinion, though. Ever since I learned I could pull off red lipstick with the right makeup look, I never once turned my back on this timeless lip color. There's a reason why red lipstick are still as popular as it is back then. And that's because it's the ultimate sign of beauty in the cosmetic world. All the stars wore it, so should you.

So if feel a flight of fancy and considers adding a red lipstick amidst your regular ones for no particular reason but just to feel beautiful, then this is probably the lipstick for you. :)

And the limited edition packaging isn't so bad either. I actually love  how it ooks so sophiscated and well, timeless. :)

Fire and Ice

here are the mandatory swatches for you, pretty ladies!! :) Hope you find them to your satisfaction. :)

Demure, Siren, Temptress, Fire and Ice

If you're looking for a lustrous, velvety soft finish in lisptick, then maybe you can check our Revlon's Super Lustrous Fire and Ice Collection at the nearest Revlon counter near you.

What do you think you'd pick? The Pinkish Temptress, Neutral Demure, Orange-y Siren or All-out Red Fire & Ice?

BTW, if you wish to win some Revlon prizes, please join my contest. :) Click the photo below!

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P.S. It's the end of March! OMG how the time flies! :)

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  1. oooh the temptress is preeettty :)

  2. Temptress! oh, the color is really tempting . . . and Demure, so simple yet appealing. I like these two colors, how they can contrast with each other, I may want to try those.

  3. Ohmygoodness!! You got the limited edition packaging!!! LUCKY!

  4. Fire and Ice is my favorite. That color just POPS.

  5. you look fab and I think ur gettin' slimmer, I noticed on your face. :0

  6. that's just the makeup! :) the wonders of contouring! :)


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