Haul: Ilog Maria Bee Farm Products

As promised, here's my Ilog Maria Bee Farm haul. Although I wanted to haul more of the beauty products, as you can see, I didn't. I've known for a long time the wonderful benefits that honey have to our body and I really want to focus on that first. After all, if we're beautiful on the inside, it will radiant in our skin. And I can't justify buying too much soaps and skin care when I have trunk full at home. See, I'm controlling my spending habits!

Propolis Liquid Soap

First on my haul is the Ilog Maria Honey Propolis Liquid soap. hoeny is such a natural resin and it assures me that what touches my skin when bathing is all Mother Nature. I love this a lot because it rivals all my other bath liquid soaps when it comes to the lathering and the scent. I love the spa-feel of this and how well it bubbles! I use this to wash my makeup brushes, too! Amazing, right?

I actually couldn't wait to use this that's why it looks like it's been used already, I use it as hand soap and keep it on my bag all the time. I like using soap instead of hand sanitizer when I'm outside.

Honey Glycerin Soap

Honey Glycerin Soap is filled with natural ingredients that keeps my face hydrated and smelling good as it contains Ylang-ylang (there's unscented available if you're iffy with scents). My skin's been a bit dry during the evening due to A/C exposure and using this soap helps to keep it hydrated.

Fresh Bee Pollen - Php110

You know why I took this off the rack... It's because of the two words: Fat Burner! Hehehe! There's a claim that Bee Pollen was known to aid losing weight. With exercise and proper diet and with the aid of this, it's possible that I actually get to losing weight in the next few weeks. But what I like most of of the Bee Pollen is that it actually increases my energy. It's true that I don't feel sleepy in the afternoon and just keep on moving and working whenever I take a teaspoon of this every morning before breakout. But it taste awful! It smells like bird seeds so I know have an idea what bird seed tastes like. LOL! But it's worth it!

When I saw the "Strengthens Immune System... for colds...allergies", I knew this will go with me when I leave Ilog Maria. I've been having bouts of colds and allergies since the beginning of the year and since taking the Bee Propolis Probiotic (nature's most powerful probiotic), I've been breathing a lot easier and I feel like my energy has been improving and my eyesight's been a bit better. It tastes like brandy with honey but that's because of the Coconut brandy mixed in this miracle concoction. With both combined, this is one effective way to heal high fever and other illnesses.

Propolis Ointment -

I feel like mosquitoes flock to me whenever we'll have coffee or dine outdoors and I'd end up with about 20 insect bites, more or less. And I always get scrapes and bruises, I feel like Nina from Black Swan. I may end up with Wings and bird legs and I won't be surprise. But who wants to get scars from it, right? I love this ointment because it has eucalpytus in it but it's not too hot for the skin that I think it's a good oitment for baby rashes and insect bites.

Propolis Throat Spray Php82.50

With the weather changing like ehem.. a woman's mind, my throat's been scratchy and this is the only thing that seem to settle it down. I was glad I bought this. It tastes a bit weird but it works so I don't mind it at all. It freshens the breathe too. Must hoard on this the next time.

Enjoying my visit to Ilog Maria is one thing but to know how amazing these products are and how well-made they are by Filipino hands and had working European honeybee's... it truly is a work of nature. I love everything I bought and I wish I could visit again and hoard on more Ilog Maria products. I just hope that we cooperate with Nature so that our bees will be able to make more honey!!

And this haul cost me only about Php600. Not exactly sure about the prices but most of the products are less than Php100 ($2).How great, right? :)

Have you tried Ilog Maria products? Can you reco products I ought to try after the I use all these?

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  1. ako I have tried and they are all natural and smells oh so good!

  2. Waw, the honey glycerine soap is thick!!! I've never hauled anything that thick from Ilog Maria before. Oh and, love your new header. :D

  3. Honey's really are useful. It has many health benefits. the Honey Glycerin soap caught my attention. I should try using that one. :)

    BTW, if you don't mind.. I would just like to introduce to you this great product, SHIELO "VOLUME" Volumizing Shampoo. This product is designed to remove residue and product styling build-up without damaging your hair or fading its color. This also fights radicals that damage and weaken hair. Please check it out. ^^

  4. how much are they?

  5. Dang_villanueva11/3/11 2:41 PM

    Shen dear, I'm a die hard fan. The throat spray is really my life saver, when I feel like colds or cough is starting, I spray and it's gone! Try the Sting-less, much much better than Off or any anti mosquito lotion. =) And their mood oils. Sobrang nice. =)

  6. I love the lip balm! It's minty and not waxy, and moisturizes lips very well :)

  7. Seriously? I think I need that throat spray! Where do you get your Ilog Maria products? Is it from ECHO store in Serendra?

  8. Feminine Soap! The best I've tried. I keep on coming back because of that soap. It smells nice plus clean feeling down there! :D

  9. I tried their lip balms, so affordable and works like a dream! But I can't stand the Propolis smell though. :( I love their products!


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