Product Review: Purederm Deep Moisture Hand Mask in Almond

Our house helper left us a few weeks before Christmas which made my life kind of hard and complicated until to this date. I found that I take domestication pretty seriously. Although I am not that great or even a good cook, I want everything in my household spic and span. So I am always scrubbing, cleaning, moping and washing. And what do I end up? A fabulous clean home, of course!

But along with that.... are dry wrinkly hands. :(

I know I should really invest in a nice kitchen gloves but I want to feel the dishes and know that no sebum or left over dishwashing liquid lingering on my plates. Oh my undiagnosed OCD is going to be the death of my hands...

Thank God because I am a OCD with my beauty rituals as much as I am with cleaning my kitchen, after every single time I cook. I am now, not only a future endorser for Mr. Muscle but also of Purederm Deep Moisture Hand Mask. LOL.

Meet one of my hands' savior. :)

Although the process my take a a minute or two to do, it's really worth it.

Lay out the gloves with your clean hands. This will be your overall cover.

Unfold the soaked gloves that smells oh so almond-y, and wear it on both hands.

It's really soaked but no dripping and you'll feel icky. Hehehe!

Cover the soaked gloves with the clear plastic gloves.

I taped mine around the wrist to make sure that the moisture is locked in.

The results are quite obvious, the enclosed space made absorbing much easier and I got back my soft supple hands back.

See the results? It's quite instant and you'll feel how cool your hands and it really smells so good. I love almond scents.. a lot!

But since I still need to face cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dogs on a daily basis. I am keeping a hand lotion near me all the time, possibly in every corner of the house... and do this Purederm  Deep Moisture Hand Mask once or twice a week. It only cost only $5 so that's a pretty much an affordable indulgence. :)

Keeping our hands taken care of is as important as taking care of our eyes from crow's feet and avoiding those frown lines... Our hands shows signs of our true age. Wrinkly vein-y hands are really unflattering. Believe me, I have it... so I know what I'm talking about.

So if you really want to take care of yourself. Don't forget about your pretty little hands. :)

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  1. i think i would need this too! I wash the dishes at home most of the time :( Is this available in watsons? :)

    xoxo hazel


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