Bath Time!!

Hello everyone!!

Gotcha! Yah think it was my bath time, noh?

It's actually my babies' bath time! We're trying out a new Pet shampoo that is making raves with a lot of Pinoy pet owners. I'm sure you've seen this at some commercials during animal programs on TV. But it was only recently that I got to try it. It's Doggies' Choice Herbal 3 in 1 shampoo. :)

Having no maid to help me out with the grooming of the dogs means I have to give my three playful pets their bath. That means a very very tiring job that'll take me hours... But really, who am I complain when the dogs are as cute as these???

Chio: Ma, is this our new shampoo?
"Yes, baby! This is your new shampoo. It's Doggie's Choice Herbal 3-in-1 Shampoo that is all natural. Mommy wants the best for her babies, so she chose something that will not harm your skin and is safe for everyone. If mommy can afford to buy organic food, natural skin care and mineral make-ups, she can well afford to get only the safest and best doggie stuff for you. :)"

Duke: Does it smell good, Ma?

"It certainly does, Kuya Duke. :) The Guava extract that is known to be effective against bacteria is also responsible for the fruity scent that you'll soon enjoy. It also have Aloe Vera that will maintain your uber soft fur because Momma loves you so much!!"

Duchess: What's so special with this shampoo, Mom?
"Baby Duchess, Doggies' Choice has one of the most intriguing ingredient I've ever seen in a dog shampoo and that's the Madre De Cacao which is a natural insect repellent, anti-parasitic with anti-fungal properties that treats ticks and fleas, containing an active component called Tannins. Doggie's Choice have the Madre De Cacao extracted to its most potent form and every bottle and bar soap have a good amount of this to ensure that no ticks and fleas can camp on your fabulous soft fur."

Duke taking a bath! :)
Duke is definitely ready for Doggies' Choice!

The results!

Ta da!

My babies' fur maintain it's softness and I have no worry that they will be infested with ticks and fleas. I'm happy about the scent, too, since I always cuddle with them. And they do sleep in my bed so bad parasites are a no-no. I even give them a monthly dose of Frontguard just to be more sure... and they don't even go out of the house!

One thing I do to ensure that not only are my pets are uber clean but I take care of their pet house as well. I was thrilled to know that there is a Pet House Cleaner by Doggies' Choice which is made to kill infesting parasites in their house. It's also safe and smells so minty fresh that the bad dog smell is gone. Yey for me! I will definitely love cleaning the pet house from now on. :)

Here's me with Dudi!! Doggies' Choise Official Mascot. Cute, noh?

It's really nice that people get to appreciate my babies whenever they see them. I like the fact that they don't think my dogs smell at all. And that's one of the best compliment that any dog lover can have. As my dogs' human, it's my responsibility to take really good care of them and love them till my very last breathe. :) So, only best for them.. and I think I made a good decision finding that in Doggies' Choice. :)

Doggies' Choice come in Tick and Flea Shampoo that is great for removingthose pesky parasites. They also have a breakthrough products that general Filipino pet owners would love, which is the Anti-Mange Dog Shampoo that is best for treating mange or galis in Tagalog.

BTW, Doggies' Choice are available at all your favorite pet supply store like SM Hypertmarts, ACE Hardwares, Tiendesitas and all other leading department stores.

Do you have pets? Do you give them baths and take care of cleaning their pet house, too?

To know more about Doggies' Choice, you can visit their website here or you can check out their Doggies' Choice Facebook Page.

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  1. bongang they hate the hair dryer though?

  2. i can't wait to give my baby a bath!! :p

  3. AHHHH!!! so cuuuuuuuuuteee T_T Chio looks so much like a soft toy lol

  4. i always use that brand of shampoo for my's really nice! :)


    The second photo should totally have "So, we meet again," or something equally epic as its caption.

  6. I'm a Doggie's Choice advocate! My pug had skin problems when he was a puppy and my pug breeder friend recommended this and I never switched to another dog shampoo. We use the orange kind!

  7. good thing you posted a review regarding this product..Ive been trying to find the perfect shampoo for my babies as well..And yes, I can relate to the uber tiring bathing time with dogs..i have 6 shih tzus kasi and di ko sila masabay paliguan in one day..I might try this shampoo once they finished the one they are currently using..:)

  8. Hi! Your Shih Tzu looks a lot like mine. Funny!!!!


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