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Freeway Summer Collection 2010 “The Bead Series”

Repost from ManilaBeautyBlog:

Boy, do the summer heats calls for a swimsuit. Manila is sweltering hot of late and one has the right mind to move out of the city, to a resort where a beach is but a few skips away. And who goes to the beach without a swimsuit? Sad though, a lot of Pinays are still not into wearing swimsuit. Rather, some of their “manang” ways keep them from trying on what i think is the best creation of all, the swimsuits. Hopefully, these girls get out of their shells and take a pick amongst Freeway’s newst swimsuit summer collection for year 2010.

Come on, I dare yah.

Bead it! This summer, Freeway brings out flattering silhouettes through its Beads Series! Lots of natural coco beads in different sizes, strung through beautiful macramé portions of the swim wear. Flattering, sexy and fresh. Aside from stunning swimwear, Freeway’s Summer Collection includes the most coveted big mesh cover-ups in many flattering silhouettes, and wide assortment of summer dresses, shorts and tanks for that dressy casual summer feel. Whatever your heart desires this summer… Freeway will be your partner in crime.

Beaded Bandeu Bikini P1195

Beaded Tankini Php1295

One Piece Halter Swimsuit Php1295

Striped Mokokini Php1195

Striped Monokini seems to be calling my name. It’s very figure flattering, don’t you think?

The beads on the suits adds the flattering ethnic look. I wonder if its comfortable.

What about you? Do you find something here that catches your fancy?

much love,


Event: L'oreal Paris Brands Come Together

Oh, events, how do i love thee...

Let me count the ways...

1. Seeing famous magazine editors like Frances Samper-Sales (right) and Nicole Delos Angeles (left). If you don't know them then you haven't gotten hold of OK! Magazine (Philippines) and Cosmopolitan Philippines and Candy Magazine. And to know more about Frances, she's also a blogger like us.. check her out at

3. Filipino people who are behind the brands that I love and purchase over and over again.

3. Drool over the host's clear complexion and fashionable outfit.

3. Being with my beauty blogger friends (here, i'm with Nikki and Jheng) who share the same passion for makeup, skincare and anything beauty as I do.

4. Getting a first glance at the most coveted products in the market.

5. Getting to test the products.

6. Rubbing elbows with Manila's stylish people.
Bianca Consunji of Metro Magazine, Eunice Lucerio and Agoo Benzon of Preview Magazine.

7. Did I mention about the products being launched?

8. And more products!!! This time the men gets a headline!

9. Fun Picture moment with my girls.. I love Jheng, she livens up the room!

10. More picture moment with my girls... Nikki looks so radiat here!

11. Actually getting to interact with the people behind the brand and actually meeting foreign representative of the brand. Talk about international connections. :)

10. Talking about the latest products with the brand managers and learning about the products that enable me to share more than just the regular information with my readers... That's you!

I've been a loyal L'oreal Paris brand user for years. Even before I started getting invites to their events, I already am a big fan of their products. Both me and my mom share this same passion for their brands. I'm in love with their hair care products while mom couldn't help but haul on their skin care.

Being in events like this allows me to interact with its people and to tell them what the consumers really are in need of. At the same time, I get to learn more about the products with my incessant questions and interviews. lol.

If only my mom is alive, I'm sure she'll love the new offerings L'oreal Paris has for its consumers.

You may check out their newest products at your favorite drugstores, beauty stores and supermarket.

much love,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jet Set in Style with Esembles Summer Collection + Behind the Scene Shoot with Carmina V. Legaspi

Repost from ManilaBeautyBlog:

First off, lemme just say that I am such a huge fan of Carmina. Seeing the pictures of her Esembles shoot just warms my heart. To think that she's a few years older than me and yet I feel like I grew up with her. Ever since I was young, I have been watching her films, from movies to betamax to cable television.. anything with Carmina on it, I watch. She's just everything I wanted to be, successful yet focused on her family; Strong yet feminine; slim but not too skinny. :) I was just telling R on how blessed she is with her many endorsements after Ondoy and many of those endorsements she shares with her family. What a way to be near your children and enjoy work at the same time.

Ensembles couldn't have picked a better endorser/model for their brand.

Again, Carmina graces the newest collection of Ensembles. And I couldn't be more excited about it!

It’s the time of year again when all we think about is packing our bags and heading to warm weather summer destinations. ENSEMBLES Summer Collection fulfills your vacation fantasy with its sleek sophistication and comfort. The collection features light textured fabrics with matching summer bathing suits. Highlighted in this collection are beautifully cut dresses, bathing suits and cover-ups perfect to make statement in any vacation destination.

Below photos are fabulous behind the scene photos of Ensembles' Summer Collection shoot with Carmina.

I love the Safari -inspired look of this outfit.

Isn't she just cute?

The team.

Personally, I love this collection. I gravitate to plains and muted natural colors thatAlign Left this collection seems to have me in mind.

Definitely, this collection isn't just for summer alone.

much love,


Event: Mineral Flowers with Beauty Blogger Friends

Minerals + Flowers =Amazing Formula2

The Dead Sea has many healing minerals that has been harnessed and combined with flower extracts to give us women a natural way of reviving our skin. None of those chemical, animal derivatives and synthetics that can cause more harm than cure.

I've always been in awe of the Dead Sea, the wonders and magic of it. Unfortunately, it will seem to remain that way. Thankfully though, one chemist by the name of Uri Ben Hur who is an avid supporter of pro-ecological activities.

For a man like Uri to create a line for women (also men, he says) that will give women a chance to experience the Dead Sea wonder fascinates me.

The skin care line that has Dead Sea minerals and Flowers extracts targets different types of skin and skin dilemmas.

Mineral Flowers Rose and Geranium.
This is excellent for normal and mixed skin.

Mineral Flowers Camomile.
This is excellent for sensitive and very dry skin.

Mineral Flowers Almond Blossom.
This is excellent for for dy skin.

The man behind the reason why Mineral Flowers has reached Philippine shores.

Uri lets us experience Dead Sea water for ourselves!

The Mineral Flower products!!

Beauty Blogging Community leaders (except me) are chilling tight with Uri.
Kikay Exchange, Beautynomics, Askmewhats, Mini Me, Phoebeme.

The soon be Mr. and Mrs.!

Jillsabs, Sophie and Nikki

Beautiful chinita in the scene!

Another beautiful chinita!

Beautiful chinitas together!

I've tried that Almond hand cream (Php430) and its so heavenly! I've hand mine for less than a month and I'm already thinking of hoarding for more. It never leaves my bag. I swear! I specifically use this before and after driving since the steering wheel is harsh on my palms. The scent is heavenly. Like "bagong paligo" scent. LOVE!!

The Rose and Geranium Facial Wash (Php430) reminds me of potpourri but it does help my skin settle down. Great for travel and the BF loves the scent.

much love,

Mineral Flowers are available at Watson's and Beauty by SM in Megamall, Mall of Asia, Makati, Cubao and North EDSA.

Not ready to commit.. Try their travel kits.

New Addiction: Colour Collection Lipstick

Divine Wine, Rose Minx, Paradise Pink, Fuchsia Glitz

I was not about to share something that I personally didn't try. :)

As much as I can, i try to give you guys my own personal experience of the new and newer product I feature in my site.

So, here goes one for you.

I was lucky enough to try Colour Collection lipstick. To see for myself if my staffs' review of it were truly accurate. They themselves have been a fan of Colour Collection saying that is very pigmented and does not cause their lips to chap. Personally, I was intrigued because on me, highe end brands makes my lips chap and dry like the Sahara dessert.

The colors available for this cosmetic brand seem to not confuse me so much. They have enough colors to choose from but it won't hurt my head to make a choice. I hate spending so much time deciding on what to buy so selected colors are a must for me.

Upon trying the different collection of Lipstick, i found that the colors are indeed pigmented. Even the ones they claim to say they are sheer won't give you a hard time applying the exact amount of color you want.

For Php169 to 199; this is one lipstick worth a try.

(colors may appear lighter due to flash)

Paradise Pink
Fuchsia Glitz
Rose Minx
Divine Wine

I want to collect them all!!

Shen's Notes:
Paradise Pink
is a close dupe of Nars Schiap but more wearable.
Rose Minx is like a sister of MAC Cosmo but instead of pink brown, its peach brown.
Divine Wine is a great color for making a statement or a great pasalubong for mom and lola.
Fuchsia glitz is a party lipstick that reminds me of a lipgloss that Michelle Phan sported in her recent clubbing FOTD video for Lancome. Add your clear lipgloss on top of this shade and you've got a great clubbing lipcolor.

  • In wearing any lipstick or lipgloss, it is very important to apply your favorite lip balm to start the conditioning process of it.
  • Better yet, apply lipgloss prior to sleeping at night to keep your lips moisturized. Aircon and electric fan may cause your lips to dry up when you're sleeping.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Milk has been known to provide strong bones but it is also very good on the skin. Do drink one glass of milk before bedtime to keep your lips supple as much as the rest of your skin.
  • Don't overdo the lip liner, this tends to dry up your lips even more.
  • A lip brush will help give you a precise application when applying your lipstick, do invest in one.
  • When applying lipstick, start from inner to outer lips to avoid straying out of the lines. Remember our color-book days?
  • Do stick your finger on your mouth and do the sip-like motion on your mouth to remove excess color that may travel to your lips.
  • Make your lipstick lasts longer by dabbing a finishing or face powder on your lips before applying your lipstick.
More lipstick in the future!! I'm beginning to be a lipstick addict... wait, am i not already?

much love,

Lunasol Spring Makeup Collection 2010

Repost from ManilaBeautyBlog:

This Spring 2010, Lunasol takes inspiration from the superb and dynamic scenery of the Earth.
Inspired by five scenes: forests, deserts, flowers, earth and sea.... true colors of nature.

Lunasol Nature Color Eyes

Lunasol Shining Eyes

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips

Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss

Lunasol Contrasting W Lipliner

Lunasol Coloring Cheeks

Lunasol Micro Finish Pressed Powder

Lunasol Pressed Face Color

Nature Color Eyes 05 Nature Colorful
Shining Eyes EX05 Shining Pink

Coloring Cheeks 05 Light Pink
Pressed Face Color 01 Lavender Pink

Contrasting W Lip Liner 09 Pink Red
Full Glamour Lips 24 Soft Pink
Full Glamour Gloss 21 Soft Pink

When I see the Lunasol Spring Collection for 2010, it reminds me of whimsical creatures, like faries and nymphs.. fluttering in overabundant flowers looking for nectar.

What a dream.. I'm hungry for everything!

much love,

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