Yumyum: Felix Restaurant at Greenbelt 5

I got a chance to dine at Felix Restaurant at Greenbelt 5. It's conveniently located at the garden side of the mall and has a view that makes you think you're not in the center of a business district. The place has a sense of calm and I felt well, special.

My mom loved restaurants like this.. I'm sure that if given a chance, we would be dining here.

What also attracted me is the menu. It's Filipino-fusion that I am quite in love with.

I chose Basti, a pan fried sea bass and foie gras with Chardonnay Sauce, served with potato puree and green asparagus. Cooked to perfection, my sea bass was not so dry nor too oily.. it was just how I wanted it. The Chardonnay sauce was the perfect combination. Just the right creaminess.

Lipa dessert was said to be a popular choice in Felix and my companions agree. The suman latik dipped in rich Batangas chocolate sauce was a great ending to my Basti. Suman has a way of making me reminisce of my childhood and that's what I love about Filipino desserts, how it transports me to old but beautiful memories.

Walnut Balls is just a surprise since I didn't know and wasn't able to check that this masterpiece is an ice cream balls rolled in ground walnuts. The chocolate sauce make this already great-tasting dessert a lot more sumptuous and sweet... Just how all desserts should be. I really had fun biting and letting the ice cream melt in my mouth. Oh soooo sinful.. :)

Marion is a torte lavished with mangoes and cream. K and I shared this delicious cream dessert. I'm a sucker for cream desserts and this one is not an exception. It's so tasty and sweet but not too much that you'd lose interest in it. I love mango based desserts since I grew up eating ripe mangoes as panghimagas. Marion is definitely is a great choice for those who enjoy fruit-based desserts.

I already miss Felix... but one thing that I didn't like about it is the slow service. I just hope that this is reserved during lunchtime when the restaurant has a lot of customers in it. But for everything else, the food, the desserts, the ambiance and interior, I wouldn't mind going back.

There you have it, foodie folks! Another YumYum post from the resident Beauty Addict!

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  1. Uuuuy, naintriga ako sa suman! Yum!!!

  2. I miss the desserts here.. :)

    I will surely go back here... ^_^

    Missing your company, Shen. :)


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