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Shinier Holiday with Close Up White Now and Michelle Phan CONTEST!!!


Wanna win this? Click the tab to know how.. :)

It’s aggravating that when everything is going well, there are still those few things that you can’t fix… as for me, that is for whiter, stronger teeth. You know how much I love to eat and I do have that annoying habit of drinking soda and I am a social smoker. All of which cause my teeth to turn the ugly shade of yellow. So unpleasant and not very beauty blogger of me, right?

When I was browsing through Michelle Phan’s videos (I’m a fan), I saw this vid of hers that tells you how to achieve instantly whiter teeth.

I have been using Close Up White Now for weeks already and although I can’t quit my bad habits, I’ve noticed the difference - my breath fresher and my smile is at its brightest. Must be the breakthrough technology called Blue Foam that creates an instant effect that masks teeth yellowness, leaving teeth visibly whiter and brighter.

It’s great that whenever we retouch our makeup we can also retouch our smile. Having instantly whiter teeth after just 1 brush is as easy as having a freshly made up face with Closeup White Now. Instant quick fix! How cool is that?

Michelle Phan’s Makeup quick fixes really come in handy since we have lots of parties lined up this holiday season. Check it out!

In the spirit of beauty and of Christmas, Closeup White Now is giving away Instant Beauty Fix Gift packs for an entire three weeks! Winning is really easy! Just follow the mechanics below:
  1. Watch the two videos of Michelle Phan’s videos featured above.
  2. Answer these two questions:
    1. What is the best way to instantly brighten your smile?
    2. What’s the technology behind Closeup White Now that will instantly whiten teeth after just 1 brush?
  3. Share this post on your Facebook and/or Twitter (Don’t forget to tag me!)
  4. Follow Shen’s Addiction on Facebook and Twitter!
  5. Subscribe to Shen’s Addiction via email (Don’t forget to activate it!)
  6. At the comment section below, type the following
    1. Your answers to 2.a. and 2.b
    2. Links of your shares and retweets
    3. Name (Name used on Facebook)
    4. Email (should be the one used in your subscription and should be able to contact you in case you win)
Here's what you'll get:

(1 Michelle Phan signed item + Instant Beauty Fix Gift pack approximately 3,000 pesos)
·  1 Michelle Phan signed item (either makeup brushes, Lancome products, IQQU products)
·  3 Closeup White Now
·  3 Cover Girl Lipstick
·  3 Pond's Facial Powder
·  1 e.l.f. Blush on Duo
·  1 Hair brush
·  1 Elite Duo Compact Mirror
·  1 e.l.f. Eye Shadow Kit
·  1 Active Travel Toothbrush
·  1 Face Shop Blotting Paper
·  1 Bag

EXTENDED!!! Promo ends NOT on January 6, 2010 but on January 13th, 2010!! So hurry!!

There will be one winner per week and anybody who join no matter what week gets a chance to win! So, if I were you, start watching Michelle’s videos and join this contest. 

Here are the winner for the first two weeks of this contest!!

Week 1: Angel Aragon


Week 2: Alma Ignacio


Week 3: Geraldine Tan


2 Consolation Prize Winners:
Katrina Sta. Ana 
Melanie Berte Magno 


Please don't forget to email me so I can direst you on how to claim your prizes.

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