Raving About Purederm Nose Pore Strips Aloe

Hello Beautiful Readers! How's the holidays treating you? Today will be the last day of work for many of us. I do hope you get your alone time just before Christmas time because we all know how hectic it could be for us women. The wrapping of gifts, the cooking and entertaining we need to do. It can get too overwhelming. As for me, I rely on some of my Purederm products to give me that "me" time.

Just last night, I notice how my whiteheads and blackheads are all screaming to get out from my nose. I think most girls who have large pores have this problem. You know, their blackheads a bit too visible that it is just plain "eeewww!". Don't you agree?

It's a good thing that I saved my Purederm Nose Pore Strips in Aloe that they generously gave me a month of so ago. After shower and throughly washing my face, I opened a packet and applied one on my nose. I spent the 10 to 15 minutes watching Spartacus with the BF. Then, I slowly peeled it off and I got really amazing result!

My nose is sooo smooth again! I saw how much this little beauty product took away! Having this pricked and removed by a dermatologist or an aesthetician could have costs me a few hundred bucks if not a thousand! It's so unnerving to know that that much white heads and blackheads are clogging my pores that could even result to yucky acne. I'm only too glad that I have this on my stash.

Want some evidence? I have to warn you that it's yucky but you really got to see how well this works. I haven't gone to a dermatologist since my last visit to House of Obagi which was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. See how much grime and dirt that my nose have accumulated!

Now that I have declogged pores, I don't have worries of putting on makeup for the Christmas parties that I have to go to. Applying makeup is easier too because my skin is a lot smoother than it was a few nights ago.

Purederm Nose Strip in Aloe comes with 3 strips and I think this is only less than Php200 at Watson's. Really affordable compared to other nose strips I've tried. And it works like a charm! It's a great thing that I can put off visiting my dermatologist after the Holidays and just concentrate on the much more pressing matters I need to attend before Noche Buena. I'm glad for the savings I made as well.

So if I were you, I'd pick up a pack of Purederm Nose Strips and make your nose blackheads and whiteheads free for the Holidays!! :)

Oh! Don't use this if you have acne/pimples and sensitive on the nose or if you have an open wound as it is not recommended. :) Use only on nose area!! :)

much love,

P.S. For severe blackheads and whiteheads with acne skin problems, a dermatologist is highly advised. Please don't substitute the Purederm Nose Strips for severe skin problems.

Available at Watson's and Beauty by SM stores!

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  1. i tried i-white kasi it was the cheapest.. quite messy.. hmmm i think i should try this out

    merry xmas shen,

    much love,

  2. wow it' sure picks up a great deal. thanks for the heads up ♥

  3. The only pore strips I know about are those from Bioré! Those seem to work great, though!

  4. hi shen,what do u put after peeling off the strip? toner? pores are opened and more dirt will go back in...

  5. I will try this as soon as I get back to Manila :)


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