Product Review: L'oreal Paris Beige Harmony Palette

Happy December Everyone!!!

I love makeup palettes. The price I pay for it, the amount of products I get and how easy it is to take it with me anywhere I go. World of choices out there when it comes to palette. And the one I got lately reminded me of the very first palette I got when I was in college. Yes, It was L'oreal but not as classy as this one.

Thankfully though, L'oreal came up with palettes that can be used wet. We all know how foiling technique enhances the pigmentation of the eyeshadow making it more vibrant and less prone to creasing.

Beige Harmony Palette

Swatches when applied dry (daylight)

Swatches when wet
(taken at ISO 2000, f3.2 S100-125.. i think. Nikkor Lens 35mm f1.8)

I'm surprised with the vibrancy and pigmentation. I've seen palettes that can be used wet before but nothing like this. This reminds me of a pressed mineral eyeshadow that I did using the Coastal Scents Pressing Medium. Using my trusty wet eyeshadow brush, MAC 242, applying the swatches is as smooth as silk with my MAC FIX+ as mixing medium.

Another impressive thing is that the eyeshadow didn't harden at all. Something of a fete when using eyeshadow palette via foiling technique.

This palette is definitely made for those who are not use to or just tired of the mess that comes along with mineral powder eyeshadows but still want the vibrancy that only a foiling technique can give to an eye makeup look.

How much? Steep at P875 per palette. about 218.75 per eyeshadow.

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  1. wow. The shade is really nice..

  2. wow it looks amazing foiled! I should really do tht more often as my eyeshadows aren't really pigmented but I'll need to practise more on my blending first!


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