CONTEST! Get a Chance to be featured on Shen's Addiction + Win Lip Ice Gift Pack!


My mom's birthday is coming up and I really am feeling blue since her death anniversarry last November 20. I was reallytrying to find ways to cheer myself and thankful for great friends, I find it a lot easier to have fun despite everything. But on Decemebr 4, I will celebrate her birthday with much sadness because she's no longer here with me. 

On that note, I want to distract myself from such lonely event and wish to find ways to cheer myself... What better way than a contest to not only cheer myself up but share my blessings, too!

Bright Makeup looks are usually frown up in our society. But with daring people like many fashionistas and beauty enthusiast I know, many are going out of their way to express themselves through makeup. I, myself, consider makeup as a way to make my days a lot brighter. :) Most especially during the Holidays.. :)

Have your ever tried wearing bright pink lipstick? Want a chance to have your FOTD featured on my blog? You could be wearing a rainbow eyemakeup look, red lipstick, strong brows or yes, a bright pink lipstick, send them all in!!

Contest Mechanics:

1. Send your brightest FOTD with a short description about it (products you used, how you came up about it) at
2. Complete this sentence: I find ways to make my days brighter by _______________________.
3. Share this post either via Twitter, FB and/or blog post!
4.Comment here if you joined and the link of the twit, FB and/or blog post. :)

Entries should be sent by 11:59 p.m. of December 23, 2010! :)


ALL Photos will be featured on Shen's Addiction! :)

Best photo will receive a  Lip Ice Gift Pack!  :) A new addi(c)tion to your makeup arsenal that will surely provide your lips he love and care it deserves.


Photos must be unedited by any editing tools like Photoshop. Cropping is okay. I don't need artsy entries, I need to see your devotion to colors. :) All you and makeup!

Hope you'll find this contest fun and challenging! :)

much love,

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  1. you have awesome friends Shen! and we'll always be here for you/available for hugs. mwah!

  2. I blogged here to spread the contest

  3. I'm definitely gonna enter! I love wearing bright colors! :))

  4. Hi Shen! I rarely comment on your blog but I read your posts regularly. I can't help comment on this one -- kapareho ko pala ng birthday ang mommy mo. I never forget those who have the same birthday as me, forever na kita maaalala pag birthday ko because of your mom, hehe.

    I'll keep your mother in mind when I say my birthday prayers.

    God bless!


  5. Hi Shen, Re posted the contest.

  6. Hey Shen! Here's the link to my blog post about your contest!

  7. Sorry to hear about your loss :( Anyway, great contest! :)

  8. nice contest...its nice to join!

  9. Here's my entry:

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Hi! contest entry in here:

  11. hi here's my contest entry

    I already posted it in my blogsite. :)

  12. hi shen!
    this is dioana! :)
    tweeted here!

  13. Hi Shen! I joined your contest just now. I hope it's not too late. *hehe*

    Emailed you my entry (!/NotSoITGirl/status/150222861016121346Shared on FB:


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