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Happy Holidays/Monday everyone!!
How's your Christmases? Mine was such a blast. I spent it with my mother's side of family and a few relatives came over from Houston. It's nice to see cousins I haven't seen for nearly a decade. Seeing my mom's relatives makes me nostalgic and I even cried when my Tita Carmern and I were reminiscing about mom. It was happy tears, though. :) It's funny that she tells me I have the same mannerisms as mom's. I truly miss her and but I'm not letting it get in the way of enjoying my Christmas. It was a truly blessed time to be with those she was really close with and to see mom through their eyes.

So yes, it was truly a merry Christmas for me this year 2010. :)

But let's get on with the show, shall we? These pictures have been sittingon my Products Folder for awhile now and while I was thinking of a post on our way home from a party this morning, I thought of my MAC Lipstick Collection. But why now and why this?

MAC has played a big role in my makeup enthusiasm. My very first MAC Lipstick was bought by my mom. I asked her if I could get even just one and it surprised me that she agreed. She even waited and helped with choosing what shade to buy. Looking back, I think mom just really indulged me that time. She's not much into cosmetics but she knew how happy it made me and she just wanted to see me happy. That was the day I got MAC Liptick for the very first time. And I thought that would be my last one.

I never realized that my MAC lipstick collection would grow and that I would have an array of MAC lipstick to choose from. It's really surreal and very humbling. I know it's just lipstick. But for that girl who fervently hope she could just get one MAC lipstick and now have many... I guess, it's a blessing for me already. I am after all, crazy about makeup. :)

Peachstock | Pink Nouveau | Giddy | Shy Shine | Viva Glam VI | Surprise Me | Cosmo | Skew | Russian Red

Peachstock (Satin) is my only nude shade of MAC Lipstick and it is my most favorite nude lipstick among my other collection. This one really compliements my skintone very well. But from what I noticed, it matches a lot of skintone so I can probably say that is is the best nude lippy for all women.

Pink Nouveau (Satin) is made popular byb made celebrities and beauty bloggers is the nice pale pink but with a character. I've been sporting this lipstick during special occasions such a birthdays, clubbing and attending events. It's really a lipstick that would earn a lot of compliments.

Giddy (Lustre) is the first MAC pink lipstick I own and it has served me well. It compliments my medium-fair skintone and is neutral enough for all sorts of eye makeup look from natural to smokey.

Shy Shine (Lustre) is a pale pink with a tinge of plum lisptick that is great for everyday use especially for those with fairer skin. This may be a bit on a nude side that will partner deep smokey eyes.

Viva Glam VI (Lustre) has a bit of violet tinge on it and I got mainly because it comppliments my favorite purple eye makeup looks. And of course, a certain about goes to MAC Aids foundation. :)

Surprise Me (Lustre) from Magic, Mirth and Mischief 2009 Collection is a nice coral shade with a shine. As we all know Filipina skin carry peach or coral tone lipstick really well as it compliments our Asian skin. I completely agree. And the name of this lisptick really delivers that it surprimes me how good it looks againt my golden skin tone. Sad to say that this has been discontinued.

Cosmo (Amplified) was really bought because of how my BB friends were raving about it. True to what I heard, the Cosmo is the best everyday lipstick. This is the "your lips but better" lipstick. :) It's very popular and usually out of stock.

Skew (Frost) is one of the first MAC lipstick  I bought. I remember that mom helped me in choosing this shade. A peachy brown   lippy with gold shimmer that is great as everyday lipstick but with a certain oomph because of its texture. You don't need to pile on a lot of makeup when usin this lipstick. Just a bit of blush eyeliner and mascara and you're good to go.

Russian Red (Matte) has earned its fame and for a reason. One of the classic red lipstick and one of my best buy ever. It's always best to have a red lisptick similarly to having a little black dress in your closet. Wearing a red lipstick just ups the ante on your overall look. I love how it compliemtns all skintone. It stays on for hours and it doesn't budge. One of my definite favorites.

Peachstock | Pink Nouveau | Giddy | Shy Shine | Viva Glam VI | Surprise Me | Cosmopolitan | Skew | Russian Red 
swatch image 1

Peachstock | Pink Nouveau | Giddy | Shy Shine | Viva Glam VI | Surprise Me | Cosmo | Skew | Russian Red

swatch image 2
Peachstock | Pink Nouveau | Giddy | Shy Shine | Viva Glam VI | Surprise Me | Cosmo | Skew | Russian Red

Here are some of the Lispticks I got from MAC Cremesheen, , and the much talk about Hello Kitty Collection.

Fanfare | Show Orchid | Cute-ster | Strayin'

Fanfare (Cremesheen) is a smooth to apply as the texture suggest. One of my favorite lisptick but this one didn't fare well in my humid country as it melts eaasily in my bag when i bring it with me. A sad fate but one shoose not to mind since the color is so amazing on my puckers.

Show Orchid (Amplified) has verified my love for pink lipstick and how deviant I am when proving others that Filipina skin can wear bright pink lisptick. One of my best buys and would not hesitate to get another in the future. :)

Cute-ster (Lustre) is a cute as the name suggest. It's a pale peachy pink that is sheer and a appears glossy on the lips. It has a pearl shimmer finish to it that give that glossy effect. this is very a nice date night lipstick.

Strayin' (Frost) is like a like the love child of Show Orchid and Pink  Nouveau with some shimmer on it. although not very noticeable. It's a great costume pink lipstick. You can work this during night out with girls, clubbing, attending events and for those days you just want to stand out. :)

Fanfare | Show Orchid | Cute-ster | Strayin'
Fanfare | Show Orchid | Cutester | Strayin'

There's also my latest buys from the Tartan Tale Collection and one I have yet to swatch, Bombshell. This Christmas, I didn't get me anything from the cosmetic department as I felt that this whole year has been Christmas nearly everyday. And looking at these collection, I think I have given myself enough gifts that'll last me 20 Christmases. :)

MAC has been known to have variety and high quality makeups and that's one of the reasons I continue to favor them for my lipstick finds. The vanilla scent is also an added attraction. I just love how easy all my MAC lipstick are to apply and how pigmented they are (depending on their texture).

MAC lisptick may be a bit steep for some people but what I notice with MAC lisptick is that if you choose them really well, you will hardly notice the price. When it comes to lipsticks, MAC will always find its way to my vanity kit. :)

How about you? What your first MAC lipstick and how many have you accumulated? Tell me your fave, too!

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  1. i'm so jealous you have peachstock we don't get mac in malta :(

    it looks gorgeous and your collection looks great :)

  2. sis Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

    BTW, love your MAC lippie collection ang gaganda ng shades! I have a hard time purchasing MAC lipsticks coz there are so many to choose from !Confusing no? :)

  3. happy new year shen! thanks for posting your mac lipsticks! the shades look great!

  4. MAC lipsticks are very tempting. Surprisingly, I don't own one yet haha. I've been trying to avoid MAC counters for a very long time now coz I already have a lot haha. Happy New Year Shen!

  5. Shen! I was just thinking of posting my MAC lipstick collection a well :)

  6. belated merry xmas ms shen! i've been an avid reader of your blog and its my first time to comment. i'm a fan of yours too! you're my fave local blogger :) and i feel that you're a nice person too.

    just want to ask, where did you get peachstock? :3

  7. i love ur collection. I love MAC lipsticks! My first MAC lipstick is HUG ME and I got it almost 2years ago. now I have more than 30 MAC lipsticks. <3

  8. I hope you could post your pink lipstick collection. ;p

  9. Wow...That's really nice collection. I appreciate your work. Thank you.


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