Lip Ice Overload + Contest Reminder!

I'm crazy for posting all of this but what the hell! I'm excited! I find these stuff really cool.. literally! A whole collection of lippies and it has mint in it. As you all know, I have a proclivity for minty scents and I devour them like crazy.

Lip Ice is dedicated to giving our lips the needed moisture and care it needs. No dry lips for the Lip Ice users. Quit wetting your lips with your tongue to relieve dryness and giving mix signals to the guy in front of you. Lip Ice will make moisturizing our lips a lot more fun

When I got introduced to Lip Ice I was first attracted to the packaging. It looks so girly that I wish I was in sixth grade thinking what a great Christmas gifts these are for my BFF's. I'm sure Frances, Gem and Chaveli will love these Lip Ice Color Glosses as we often thought of ourselves on the verge of womanhood at the age of twelve.The sparkles will surely make us look a bit mature for the boys we have crush on Tigerbeat, Sixteen and Bop. 

While the Lip Ice Color Lipbalm would surely look good on my highschool BFF's Lorraine and Robyn. Since we all like to rebel, why not surprise our parents by wearing lipbalms that seriously looks and feels like lipstick but actually isn't. :) 

In college though, with tons of books to read, papers to pass and thesis to defend, I just need a simple balm that'll keep my puckers hydrated from all the air conditioned room I stay in at school but still has that hint of color that is definitely no fuss, I think Lip Ice Sheer Color is the best bet since its a lip balm that instantly changes color when it touches my lips. Amazing, right.

Now that I'm much older and able to play around with other makeups, I can't neglect my lips from drying with all the lipsticks I test all the time. That's why I find the Lip Ice Fruity Lipbalm the best companion ever. It mositurizes my lips and also sets it for the lisptick that I'm about to use for the day. Definitely up my alley. And it taste and smell incredibly good.
There's something for the boys, too, the Mentholatum Therapy Lipbalm for those stubborn dryness that won't go away. Come to think of it, I should also get one of this for myself. :)


Lip Ice Color Gloss

You will be the best aunt when you hand this to your nieces this Christmas. They will surely love looking as lovely as their pretty aunt. And I think you'll like these sparkly glosses, too, because they are not too sticky to top your lipstick with it. It has a nice shine to it that would just enhance your lip color. It's definitely a no-fuss sparkling gloss and the container is just too cute!

Lip Ice Color Glosses in Candy Apple | Summer Pink | Pearl Pink

click the link below to find more about the Lip Ice Variants and how to join my new contest! :)

Candy Apple | Summer Pink | Pearl Pink

Candy Apple | Summer Pink | Pearl Pink

Cute slanted tip for easy application

Squeeze tube gently to get the product out.

Swatches: Candy Apple | Summer Pink | Pearl Pink


Lip Ice Color Lipbalm in Pretty Pink

For those who still don't want to commit to buying a lipstick but feel the need to change your makeup routine from no color balms to a tinted one, this is the best choice for you. It's got an impressive pigmentation for a colored lip balm but doesn't damage the lips as much as lipstick do. This is one great gift to give to your sister who's starting to sniff aroud your kikay kit. Let's help her keep her lips virgin from all the harsh chemicals some cosmetics may have.


Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm in Strawberry

Why didn't they have this when I was younger? The cute packaging is really such a turn on. It doesn't look like it came out of a medicine cabinet but it heals dry chappy lips really quick. What I love? It has SPF on it. All girls, young and old, could definitely benefit with a bit of SPF on their lips.

Lip Ice Lipbalm in Strawberry


Mentholatum Therapy Lipbalm for Men and Women

Men or women, I think everyone should have this. I used this one morning to relieve some chapping and bruising on my lips and by the end of the day, I hardly feel the pain of the open wound on my lips. There is also a bit of noticeable change in the bruised area. I think three days of exclusively using this, I will have that luscious lips that Angelina Jolie would envy me.

Mentholatum Therapy Lipbalm for Men and Women

Mentholatum Therapy Lipbalm for Men and Women


Lip Ice Sheer Color in Strawberry

Lip Ice Sheer Color changes into a nice pink hue depending on your body's moisture level. What the hell, who cares about those scientific mambo-jumbo. What we need to know is that this lip balm gives you a nice hue of pinky lips that last for the better part of the day. It's like a lip stain but it's moisturizing. It's really neat!


Lip Ice Sheer Color (length of product)

Lip Ice Sheer color hand swatch

Lip Color Sheer lip swatch

What I like about all the Lip Ice Variants...

1. Keeps my lips moisturized like crazy
2. Available in sooo many diffrent colors and flavors.
3. Affordable. From Php99 to Php187 only!
4. Lasts a quite a while.
5. The minty flavors!!
6. Finally it's here in MNL and all other stores nationswide!
7. Cute packaging.
8. Great gift idea for both boys and girls.

What I don't...


I know many are still not as adventurous as I am in playing with makeup. Lip Ice makes it possible for you to dip your toes in the cosmetic bin just a little because their lip products are safe and gives the same beautiful results that makeup can give.

But if you like to give colors a try, why not join my contest here. It's all about loving colors and using it on your makeup. And if you have the guts to send in your FOTD, you may get a chance to be featured in Shen's Addiction and win Lip Ice Gift pack!!

What are you waiting for? Head on to my contest post!

much love,

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  1. mapapabili na ako shen.. Lip Ice Sheer Color in Strawberry looks so pretty on your lips.. :D

  2. I love the Sheer Color lippy! :P It leaves a nice stain on the lips and is moisturizing. Like a cheaper Dior lipglow too. Too bad the Candy Apple on I had was snagged by my mom. Haha! Pretty Pink looks really nice too. :P

  3. I want the strawberry and mentholatum flavors! thanks for the review and pics Shen!


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