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What would you say to the girl who was mean to you?


Dear Readers,

I'm overwhelmed with the number of comments who participated in my previous post, Why are girls mean to other girls. I'm not perfect. I've been mean myself but only when I think that I'm being treated unfairly. I also tend to be mean on girls who pick on my friends. I'm not easily scared to face anyone who says bad things about me. If you only know the things I was capable of back in high school, you'd be surprise. Hehehe!

But I've been thinking lately how come its so easy to hate other girls.. how come snide words and comments are so easy to roll off of our tongues? And often that not... we are victims of those snide words and comments.

Shouldn't we all stick together?

If you've been victimized by the "mean" girls, what would you say to her or to them? Would you say something mean as well? Or would you rather say something different?

Find release from oppression on this post. Say what you feel you need to be said... Good or bad, I will try to approve them all. Anonymity is encouraged but not required. :)

Share them on the comments below!!

much love,

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