Sunsilk Co-Creation with World Hair Experts

Have you ever tried sunsilk? I must admit that before the C0-creations shampoos, I haveave in to only tried Sunsilk a few times in my life. But because of the commercials and the launch... let's admit it, the affordable price of it, I thought "Hell, why not?" I even gave it to texting that promo and got myself a free set of the Damage Repair shampoo and conditioner.

I was surprise with how great the scents of these shampoos are! I can't remember how it use to smell but this is one of the best smelling shampoo ever and I am usually sold on the scent alone. A few weeks of using the Damage Repair, I notice my hair is a lot less dry... and I was indeed scoring 10 on the meter scale.

Obviously, the point of the whole makeover of Sunsilk hair care products is to target major hair concerns of Filipinas by collaborating with Hair Experts from all over the globe.

There's Dr. Francesca Fusco, New York based dermatologolist, is a continious expert guest in CNN and CBS News. She believes that our hair should be healthy and we should start from the scalp to achieve it. She formulated Anti-Dandruff with ZPT Citrus Complex and Hair Fall Control with Soya Vitamin Complex.

Another is Teddy Charles, a Parisian hair stylist, who is just too handsome for words, have styled the hair of the biggest celebrities and famous models, believes that long hair will always be a timeless style that all women want. Yes, especially Filipinas. That's why he created the Strong and Long enriched with Active Fruitamin Complex. The longer your hair is, the stronger it needs to get. He also created with Sunsilk the Straight and Sway with Amino Collagen Complex to relax the hair that gives it smooth appearance worthy of any fashion runway.

Thomas Taw, founder of the it salon Bobsoho of London, is my favorite amongst the line. Obsessed with repairing damage hair due to frequent styling and heat exposure. He and Sunsilk created the Damage Repair with Olive Serum Nutri Complex to give the hair the hyrdation and Protein it needs to withstand outside and styling damage. For the driest and Toughest hair, he created the Soft and Smooth with Ceramide Macadamia Complex to give it the effect on hair as if you just walked out of Mr. Taw's Salon.

Famous for the innovation of Yuko Straightening System, Yuko Yamashita, a fellow Asian, believes that every woman deserves a poker-straight hair. To give what every Filipina wants, a straight and beautiful hair, Yuko created the Smooth and Manageable with Keratin Yogurt Nutri-complex to give that fabulous hair that stays in place all day long. It is not a surprise that this is one of the best-selling hair product in the market to this date.

Looking at the press material given to me, I know that almost every variant can work for hair. Having exposed my hair to hair treatments like color and rebonding, I need Thomas Taw's Damage Repair to keep my hair from looking haggard and weak. In days when the heat is too much Dandruff Control created by Dr. Fusco would work best to keep my scalp calm. Since rebonding can get a bit expensive, I can always aid my hair with Smooth and Manageable to keep my hair from getting frizzy. And when I get tired of this short hair, I can try the Strong and Long which helps in aiding the hair to grow faster than any normal shampoo.

So, yeah... I think this could be Best-Ever hair care product out there.

Having Sarah Geronimo as Sunsilk Co-creation's main endorser couldn't be more apt as she embodies every Filipina. Sarah is has that Filipina beauty, brimming with talent, family and God centered and bursting with Filipino pride. Having her hair cared by this Hair Experts only whetted my interest to try the products myself.

Also, winning a chance to go to New York, Paris or Tokyo isn't so bad either. Sunsilk's facebook page is currently conducting a contest for all of you Sunsilk lovers. And if you don't get a chance to win that trip, you can get a chance to nab yourself a chic gadget. Just send in your photos.

The mechanics are provided in their Facebook Hair Experts.

Head on there now! :)

much love,

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  1. i have been sent the whole line of this & i tried it but it gave me a bad case of dandruff!


    at least the pink variant didn't gave me a bad case of dandruff but the others are not good for me


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