Personal: Happy Birthday, Ditse!!

If there is one person aside from the BF who helped me through the trying times of my mom's death, it was my Ate Ericka. That's why on her birthday, we all wanted to be there to celebrate it with her. We've been together for those hard times and now we look forward to the good times where in we could enjoy a nice bottle of wine, munch on good food and just be the carefree version of us. We danced, we laughed, we forgot our troubles.. if only for one night... for our dearest, Ditse. :)

Happy Birthday, Ate!!

Ditse is the sort of friend you really need. Someone who's gonna be there when you need her... She'll listen to all your troubles and nonsense chitchats... Share a drink with you when you feel talking is not doing it. She's not afraid to be honest with you and tell you that what you're doing isn't right. But whatever decision you make, she'll stand by you. She's one of the first person whom I share my success and disappointments to. She gets me like no other... even the BF can't compete with how close we two are. Somehow, our BF's understands that me and Ditse are practically one person. Lol. I love that we have no trace of envy or insecurities with each other. I can tell her anything and the same goes for her... She's not just a cousin for me, she's my best friend and my sister... Someone I'm sure who'll be there for me no matter what.

This bond we also share with a few other friends... :)

I will stop smoking for endless supply of Ate Ericka's famous Cheesesticks!

And this is how the story ends... or how we want you to believe it.. :)

Ditse, I never probably tell you this often... but I'm glad you're my big sister and my friend.
Thanks for taking me in and thanks for being my partner in crime in everything.
Love you to pieces!

much love,

Location is at Linden Suites, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas

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  1. awww you are such a sweet little sister. seems like you all enjoyed the celebration. :D and your dress, ms. shen, is super cute! :D

  2. hi shen,love ur top! whered u get it? and how much?

  3. same here. i love your top! where did you buy and how much? sooo cute! and happy birthday to your sis :)

  4. hi shen

    want to ask about Linden Suites, i noticed that you stayed the room for more than 5 paxs. are they strict on no of paxs pag pasok ng hotel?

    i am planning to book a room when im back in PI but we're 10. do you think it's okay?

    thanks shen


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