Makeup Sandbox: Artistry Experience Center

I honestly haven't tried a lot of Artistry products in my life. I consider it pretty high end and I thought that getting it would be tough. I didn't realize that it only takes one distributor in order to get my hands on these babies. That's why when Meeko invited me to the Artistry Exprience Center in Makati, I eagerly grabbed the chance and went.

There I saw two of my fellow beauty bloggers, Dior and Julia. We all played with the makeup testers that Artistry had. It was a lot of fun. nobody was breathing down our necks as we try and peruse its products. We had wonderful time, all in all.

On top of my list to try are the foundation.
It looks so classy in its glass bottle and the consistency is just love.

Another is the skincare which I learned earned tons of raves from celebrities.

The lipsticks are so creamy that it doesn't cause chapping.

Decide what's going in your palette. Get to personalize it, girls!

Lipglosses came in much sought after colors. All went well for our Pinay skintone. :)

The Makeup Remover I heard was a fave of Tessa Prieto-Valdez and is comparable to a high-end makeup brand.

Meeko, his mentor with Julia and Dior

The tester palette that can be played with when you visit the Artistry Experience Center.
Testing a product is sure way to know whether you really want a product.

Julia brought her bare flawless face and makeup skills and maximized the use of the testers.

Eyebrow Pencil and Eyeliner swatches. Really pigmented IMHO. :)

Stick concealers that oily-skinned ladies like me would appreciate. :)

End result: Julia looked fab with Artistry makeup on beautiful face. :)

See how the powder foundation made her poreless skin seem a lot more poreless??
I envy! :)

If you want to try anything from Artistry makeup, be sure to contact Meeko and he'll really take care of you. I had so much fun with my Artistry visit. His number is 0917 8163356. :)

much love,

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  1. Aww...thank you,Shen. Do you think you could send me some of the unresized photos with me and you guys in them via email?

    Only if you're free and if it's fine with you. Thanks a lot. Had fun that day, even if it was just for awhile.

  2. by the way this is julia... :)


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