Charm Pro Makeup Brush Line. An Extensive Review with Pictures.

It felt like my birthday already when I started to unwrap my new Charm PRO Makeup Brush Line. I've been waiting for something like this for the longest time. I could still remember that the first brush I ever bought was Charm's first flat top brush in natural hair. Since then, Charm has made its way to all my makeup looks. From when I was starting to learn through youtube and when I studied makeup at Basement Academy.

And when you have something going good... well, you know it's just bound to get better. Et Viola!!

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Let me introduce them to you one by one. :)

Charm Pro Dual Fibre Brush

I've always been a fan of Dual Fibre Brushes, especially from the Charm collections. Although I don't use a lot of finishing powder after makeup looks, I use this for foundation application. It provides the coverage I want, from heavy to light application. It would be nice that when I started with makeup school, I had this brush in my brush set. Even if I do have MAC 187 (given as gift), I wouldn't mind having another Dual Fibre Brush.

Comparison: MAC 187 vs. Charm Pro Dual Fibre Brush

Comparison: MAC 187 vs. Charm Pro Dual Fibre Brush

Comparison: MAC 187 vs. Charm Pro Dual Fibre Brush

Charm Large Pro Powder Brush

Charm Pro Large Powder Brush and Small Powder/Blush Brush

You are a makeup artist when you're in constantly holding a powder brush. Even profile shots of makeup artists uses their Powder Brush as their props? Why you ask? Powder brushes must be the most frequently used brush amongst all makeup brushes. You use it for setting foundation with face powder, setting all over makeup with finishing powder, dusting shoulders and cleavage with bronzers and to add colors to the cheeks.

On both brushes:
Minimal Shedding on first shedding.
No shedding for second washing
Left over dyes during first and second washing
Soft natural hair, maintained even at second washing

Charm Pro Foundation Brush
My Teacher in Basement Academy would tell you that foundation brush is very important for doing makeup looks especially when you're a makeup artist. Foundation as we know is one of the most important thing to perfect when we do our makeup. We need have it evenly applied to the desired coverage we want. For the most basic, foundation brush will do exactly that. Professional or a newbie, you know we need a good foundation brush. That's why I'm glad that the Charm Professional Brush Line has this.
Side View: Charm Pro Foundation Brush

Top View: Charm Pro Foundation Brush

Charm Pro Angled Contour Brush
Have you always wondered how come some makeup looks have flawless contouring? Well, aside from practice and skills, you'll need a contour brush that'll help you find those hallow of cheeks, jawbones in order to contour them. You need a contour brush. :) This Angled Contour Brush does the job precisely, for the past few days, it has been a friend to me because my makeup looks appear to look a lot better than before.

Top View: Charm Pro Angled Contour Brush
Charm Pro Concealer Brush

Having a lot of uneven spots like dark under eyes, pimples and tons of things to cover up, concealer brush has found it way to be always present in my vanity. Just imagine if you're a makeup artist. This is like an ammunition you need to have. You won't always have a model with great looking skin. A good concealer brush will help lessen time in makeup application. You wouldn't also want to use your hands and risk making your client's pimple problems worst. No, sirrah. Concealer brush is a must.
Comparison: Charm Pink Handled Concealer Brush and
the New Charm Pro Concealer Brush

Charm Pro Precise Concealer Brush

As much as you think you don't need you another concealer brush, you do? I was like that before. I was adamant that I won't appreciateprecise concealer brushes much like this one. My mistake. I used this to cover uneven dark spots that are very tiny. I also use this for the corners of my nose and lips.


There's so much eyeshadow brush available in the market nowadays, ranging from dirt cheap to exuberant prices. But how would you really know if you need them? Having had experience in doing makeup during fashion show, I will now tell you that you don't need too much eyeshadow brushes. Honestly, you can even work with just one eyeshadow brush. However, I've found that many brushes out there really help in creating great makeup looks with the least amount of effort.

Charm Pro Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush

We all need that brush that will help us in achieving different makeup looks and that usually includes dealing with mineral eyeshadows, pigments and baked eyeshadows. Too make them more vibrant, foiling technique are often used. Foiling method is a technique where in you wet your dry by spraying it with a mixing medium (water, eyedrops or makeup setting spray) and use it use to mix with a bit of your eyeshadow to make it more pigmented. When used with a regular brush, the brush would be limpy and unable to transfer the product to the eyes. So you'll definitely need a good wet/dry brush to help you out with this one. With some brush sets I've seen, there are no wet/dry eyeshadow brush for me to use so I needed to bring another brush and worst, need to purchase a new one.

Top View: Charm Pro Eyeshadow Wet/Dry Brush

Charm Pro Eye Shader Brush
Another brush that is frequently used by Makeup Artists, it's the eye shader brush. I can't stress this enough and mos likely, you'll never find a makeup artist without a good eyeshadow brush. 

Comparison: Charm Pro Eye Shader Brush vs. MAC 239

Close up Comparison: Charm Pro Eye Shader Brush vs. MAC 239

Charm Pro Tapered Blending Brush

Close Up: Charm Pro Tapered Blending Brush

Craving for the always almost out of stock MAC 222? Well, fret no more... if you're an aspiring makeup artist, you'll be the envy of your classmates and fellow makeup artist for having this brush. It's incredibly soft even after several cleaning (washed 2x, spot-cleaned 3x). Great for blending eyeshadow and applying color to the crease and creating a wash base for the eyes. This is one of my favorite brush among the set. Believe me when I say that brushes like these are life-changing (regarding makeup application, that is. lol.)

Comparison: Charm Pro Tapered Blending Brush vs. MAC 222

Top View: Charm Pro Tapered Blending Brush

Charm Pro Angled Eye Shader Brush

I am just in love with this angled brush. Its made so fine and so soft unlike any I've tried before. Jheng said its great for nose contouring (which you know I'm in need of). I personally love this for eye contouring and applying shadow shadows to my crease and for highlighting.

Charm Pro Pencil Point Brush
Comparison: MAC 219 vs.
Charm Pro Pencil Point Brush

Charm Pro Precise Crease Blending Brush
The famous Precise Crease Blending Brush has found its way to Charm Professional Brush Line. No surprise there, this one of a kind brush has helped in achieving different looks for different eyes. This brush is great for chinky eyes and those who lacks eye crease.


Stickler for eyebrows? How about practicing your lining techniques? You'll definitely need tools for that and Sophie has it covered with the Charm Pro Brush Line. She also love 
Charm Pro Flat Liner Brush
Close Up: Charm Pro Flat Liner Brush

I call this the beginner liner brush. Personally, I love this brush that can act as liner and lash tamer. I can use this to create winged tips and defining your brows. I also call this the lazy girl's liner brush because of how easy it is to use especially when you're in a rush or for those who are just beginning to explore the wonderful world of makeup application.

Top View: Charm Pro Flat Liner Brush

Charm Pro Bent Liner Brush

Close Up: Charm Pro Bent Liner Brush
I know many makeup enthusiast who instantly fell in love with the bent eyeliner because of how easy it is to use to apply liners from gel liners to foiling.

Charm Pro Angled Liner/Brow Brush
Liner brushes is as important especially if you're a makeup artist who relies on gel liners. I personally love how pigmented and easy to use gel liners are. It gives the oomph I need for a colorful makeup look. This liner is just right from smallest to the biggest of eyes, this will definitely work sufficiently.

Charm Pro Defining Brow Brush
The denseness of this brow brush is amazing. I've using this to define my brush and it does the job quick and clean. Great to use for waxes like my ModelCo Brow Designer Palette.

Comparison: Angled Liner/Brow Brush vs.
Charm Pro Defining Brow Brush

Charm Pro Mini Fan Brush
One of my favorite in this brush set. The Mini Fan Brush is great for removing clumps on the lower lashes. But use this more on applying highlighter on the planes of my cheekbones. I've always wanted to own one of these and  now I do!! :)

Charm Pro Brow Spoolie/Lash Brush
Although this is not often used, Brow Spoolie and Lash Brush will come in handy for fixing and keeping the brows in place. Also it removes mascara clumps.

Charm Pro Brow Spoolie/Lash Brush

Charm Pro Fan Brush

Fan Brush don't get the credit it deserves. I remember seeing a makeup artist use this to apply bronzers, finishing powder, setting powder and even blushes and highlighter. For something you hardly notice, this brush really does a lot of things.

Charm Pro Retractable Lip Brush

No need for explanation here. When you're an aspiring makeup artist, lip brush is very important to get that precise and even application of lip color.

Close up: Charm Pro Retractable Lip Brush

I am very happy to have this brush set. All the brushes that I love from the Charm collection are all here as well as some great new ones. I definitely recommend this to all those who wish to start their career in makeup artistry and those hwo just want a good brush set to help in achieving different makeup looks. I tell you now, you won't want for anything else after getting the Charm Pro Makeup Brush Line.

As a semi-pro Makeup Artist and having lived for two years trying out a lot of brushes from here and abroad, I can definitely say that this Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set is one of the best ourt there Not to mention that this is a homegrown brand made with love by a fellow Filipina, Sophia Uy. You'll find other brushes out there, for sure. But I would hardly think you'll be able to use them all. Believe me, I've been there.

But with Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set, you'll be likely be using all the brushes.

Watch out for my next post showing you how I used my Charm Pro Brush Line for a colorful makeup look.

  • Always wash your brushes prior to using them.
  • Air dry of Fan Dry  your brushes but do not let the fan directly hit the large brushes to avoid them opening up.
  • After drying, keep plastic covering that comes with your brush set to maintain its shape.
  • When washing make sure that water doesn't hit ferrules and when it does, dry it immediately to prevent it from coming off of the handle.
  • Avoid using harsh soaps like detergent in cleaning your brushes. I use Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap for safe yet effective soap for my brushes.
  • Keep your brushes in their containers to keep its shape and from germ exposure.
  • In order to avoid eyeshadow stains on white brushes, always clean them after use. Else, you'll resort to bleaching them.

Beauty & Minerals will be offering special shipping arrangements for orders from the U.S. and Canada, as Sophie will be going to Canada this September 13. Sophie will be taking orders for September 5 until September 10, 2010. Take advantage of the lowered shipping fee (based on Canada Post rates) instead of having them sent via Fedex from the Philippines, which is so expensive! Please email Sophie for your orders at for a shipping quote.

Please check out BEAUTY & MINERALS website for prices and shipping details. Click here.

I enjoy collecting brushes and testing them out depending on my current budget. For other brushes I'm about to review, please do subscribe to my blog so you'll be first to get to read about them, Subscribe to me here. Thanks!!

Much love,

Charm makeup brushes are available at, and are also available at Shopsui outlets in Glorietta 3 and Tiendesitas. Beauty & Minerals participates in bazaars during the -ber months, do add them on Facebook (Beauty & Minerals) for the latest updates.

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  1. Hi Shen
    May I ask how much is a set?
    And for beginners like me who learned how to put make up by just watching pros do their thing on my face, what are the basic brushes to consider in buying a set?

  2. Gaaahhh I'm a sucker for makeup brushes and I also enjoy collecting the, You can never have enough brushes I swear lol.

    This set is really nice and i Love how its all black. It looks so pretty!

  3. @michelle aka mrs. martinez, i also learned from youtube makeup gurus and i got frustrated from seeing them using different brushes to achieve many makeup looks. Charm is sucha good choice for someone like you and me because it has everything we need to achieve those complicated things like eye lining, brow shaping, eye shadow blending and face contouring. it will definitely make your makeup application easier and faster.

  4. @becky, hi girl!!

    it really is very pretty! what i love is that its a homegrown brand. it really could compete with my other brush sets. :)

  5. OMG, I've been lemming for this set ever since I saw the press kit and now that you've done this review, I'm convinced that I want it! Maybe next payday. :D

  6. I really want to buy this..but I find it really pricey since I'm still a student..who just adores make up..:)) But now I was able to save for it I was thinking if this is really worth it.....I saw one review that says the big brushes bleeds so it true???

  7. No it isn't. It will only bleed for first 3 or 4 washes and won't have anything to do the quality of the brush. :)

  8. Help! Im getting a Charm Brush Set but I cant decide whether to get the Pro or the Vegan brush set. I've seen that the Pro set has brushes I want that isn't in the Vegan set. ( The stippling and fan brush) I have only started exploring the awesomeness of makeup, so the Vegan set would be better right? Plus I've read its really soft too. But I find it so sayang, missing out on the other brushes in the Pro set. Can you help me solve my dilemma? Which one would you recommend? You have both dba?


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