af-s nikkor 18-55mm birthday

Another Year. Thank You's. New Baby. More Memories.


I'm 27 today! How time flies, right? I can't believe all the blessings I've received for the past year. Year 26 for me was so much fun... I got a chance to work for a renowned fashion magazine, went to Boracay with friends, spent end of the year at Tagaytay, ate too much food that I gained too much, lost weight through natural process, got a chance to earn from blogging, met new friends, learned how to drive, bought a car, got invited to Cosmopolitan Bachelor bash and to other exciting events, spent time at Anvaya with blogger darlings, met fabulous people, won Promod fashion challenge and so so much more!!

I can't believe that with blogging and doing what I love to do I gathered so many memories, experience so many things, tried all sorts of products and what's best met so many friends. To make a photo montage would take too long... just looking through my blog, I can't help not crying and seeing how much I have grown in this happiness of mine.

To say I'm blessed... well, it's an understatement. Thank you, everyone, for supporting me and continuously reading this blog... Thank you to all my friends who loves me and also reads this blog... Thank you for those friends who stayed with me through thick or thin for accepting me for who I am. Noisy, talkative, crass and all... Thank you! Thank you! And of course, thanks mom for this freedom and teaching me how to be independent. Thank you the BF for being patiently loving me...and for helping me buy this gift... my newest baby... my newest gadget.

The BF and I decided that I needed to upgrade my Nikon D40 to a DSLR that fits my personality.. :) Nikon D5000 is exactly that.. small, lightweight, with HD Video, swivel screen for vain shots, vibration reduction, fisheye setting and other things jammed into this cute nifty cam.

But most of all.... Thank you, God!!!
With YOU, I am experiencing all of these things and every moment is magical.
Your will be done, My Lord.

much much love,

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