Pureglow Mineral Blushes

I've had these Pureglow Mineral Blushes for months now and I just have to say that I love them. The colors are really vibrant and they just compliment my skin really well. I've always been a mineral makeup lover since I discovered it back in '07. And even until now, I find myself drawn to mineral makeups when ever I get the chance.

Pureglow Minerals is relatively a young mineral makeup company. Sister of Venus and Mars Skin and Body products, Pureglow boats of all natural ingredients. I guess for many of you out there, you already know about them.

I've been using the Pureglow blushes almost everyday since I got them. They give a nice color to my without looking too overdone. The three shades you'll see on this blog are pretty much my go-to blushes.

Peach Spark, an apt name for this shimmery satin shade that compliments Filipina skintone. Got a tan? Enhance your blush with this shade as it will give you that naturally sunkissed glow.

Hot Pinch, despite its name is very subtle and great for those who just want to dip their toes in the makeup world. Its a natural shade of pink that compliments the fairest of skin to the medium fair. It mimics a pinch flush like when you just saw your crush. One of my favorite, I usually gravitate to this shade when I'm about to go to work.

Rosiest Rush gives that color similar to that after-gym healthy glow. A great party shade, if I may say so, It blends well with many of my pinktoned lipsticks. This is by far my most favorite shade out of three and usually gravitate to this when I know I need to impress someone, say a date or a meeting. It quite gives me a certain confidence knowing I don't look wash out in front of others.


Know more about Pureglow Mineral Blushes at Pureglow.multiply.com.

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  1. hi shen, hot pinch is so nice :)
    i agree it's a very suitable shade for work.

    anyway, have you tried their red clay primer? it's soooo good, it's the first pureglow product i had.:)

  2. I super love mineral make-up!!! the colors are fabulous...


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