OK! You Caught Me!

This is what I usually do before I get out of bed. :) I read one of my favorite magazine, OK! Philippines.

My friends know how chismosa I can get but magazines like OK! Philippines isn't just about the latest on dit about my favorite celebrities (I like following Hollywood celebs than Pinoy ones because I think their crazier than we are), but there is just so much more like the latest Hollywood fashion and makeup trends. The on dits isn't too gushed up either but it is very much tackled in a professional yet very entertaining words.

There is also much lesson to be learned about the Lindsay Lohan "Prison Bound" Article. And after reading, I can only hope the Lilo gets more out of this that what others expect. I especially like the "Growing Up Famous" article that showcased all the hottest Hollywood babies like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt who apparently gets bullied by her other siblings. Can you believe that? Read it to know who spilled this tsismis.

Of course, I went immediately and gushed how machismo Zac Effron is now!! Great job, OK! for putting it on cover. That's one reason girls like me will grab the copy of this latest ish.

BF was teasing me about the Zac Effron. Can't help but be kilig! He's so hot, noh!

Needless to say, I perused the outfit details of those celebrities who graced the MTV Movie Awards and CFDA Fasion Awards. I am sooo all over Dakota Fanning lately and i'm happy to see her in OK! a lot. She seems to be so put together and really, some teen Hollywood should take a cue on how to act from Dakota Fanning.

I'm not a beauty blogger if I don't check out the Celebrity Beauty section of OK! Philippines. Want eyebrows like Megan Fox, let OK! give you the tips on how to achieve it. And I didn't know that Naomi Watts is the new face of Thiery Mugler. Can't wait to get my hands on the scents she'll endorsed.

I specifically enjoyed the Drew Barrymore's interview. I am such a drew fan from when she was the Fire Starter to the latest Whip it movie. I love everything she makes. Really, who didn't gushed on Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates and Ever After?? C'mon now! Don't lie to me! The article was so inspiring because we all know what a rollercoaster life she has led and here she is doing great in want seems to be a man-dominated world.

And yes, do check out the Royal Watch and Couples Corner.. other sections I love about OK!

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of OK! now and let's have wine and chicka on the latest Hollywood news!

August 2010 Issue!

Get it at your favorite newstand and bookstore.
Oh! I get mine in either Ace Hardware or Watsons at SM Hypermart.

much love,

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  1. OK! magazine is my favorite. But i notice that their features are always the same thing over and over again (jolie-pitts, cruise-holmes). I used to buy it evry month but now i only buy it if the cover is not any of the above mentioned. I dunno maybe i got tired of seeing them :)

  2. I love Drew Barrymore! will check this out...


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