Designer Labels gets a Makeover

..for the following collections of some of the coveted designer labels in town. No more big C's on Chanels, no more flamboyant Juicy Couture stitching on their bags, no more large script gucci on the side. It's the age of Bottega, says Roberto Verde, a style expert. Bottega Veneta, known for their coveted weave-design bags, in which the logo of the brand is sewn inside.

Not that I'm an expert but I found boisterous loud logos of designer brands on a bag tad too much. If I were a snobby little bitch, I would probably say, "I don't need a bag that would tell the poor I am rich, I need a bag that the rich can now I'm richer." Fortunately, I am not. I just love to play with words.

Needless to say, despite me not being able to afford such luxurious brand, I am quite happy that their logos are shrinking to practically non-existent on their bags. If money wasn't a problem, I would rather peruse on the designs, materials and make of the bags rather than the size of the logos shown.

I remember that when I bought my one and only designer shades (on sale), I looked specifically on the design rather than on how big the Chanel words are on it. Even when I was contemplating on getting a Gucci shades in Glorietta 5 (which I didn't get because it wasn't practical at all), I was leaning on the tiny Gucci monogram design rather that the Gucci words gold plated on each side of the shades.

To each her own, I guess. But I'm glad that if ever I come into some money the next few years, I would have a lot of options. And don't we just love a lot of options when it comes to fashion?

On the runway, a Gucci model flaunts a logo free look. (getty)
photo courtesy of getty images.
A runway model of Gucci with no visible designer label

It is indeed the era of subtler designs. And I'm loving it. To be chic won't be just about the logos.. it's on the designs. :)

much love,

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