Shed some Light and Control to Your Men

On their skin, I mean.

Like women, men have skin concerns, too. Many of our guys has been keeping tab of the changes that goes on their skin... they just don't do anything about it. At least, not my man. He's a stubborn at a mule when it comes to taking care of skin.

Great thing though, that he has a girlfriend who is all over skin care and provides him with a product that helps with his skin care needs.

Introducing a an Oil-Control and Whitening (with sun protection) in One nifty size bottle, WHITE ACTIV, Oil Contrl Moisturizing Gel Cream.

Although I don't think that my guy really need a lot of products, I know that something like this can improve his skin texture. Since it reduces oiliness and livens up his skintone, he looks more put together than ever. Great thing is that it has UV filters as well to protect him from the sun.

Now, don't think that I'm all up his stuff. :) Of course, not. But if you know that secret of how to make your guy use the product you recommend... he won't feel that you're intrusive at all. Wink! Wink!

much love,

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  1. ooh thanks for sharing those men related stuff, i bet my bf wouldn't trust me if i gave him those..haha kelangan sa iba pa manggaling! haha maybe i should show ur entry then!


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