Nails: Caronia's Joy reminds me of my own

Caronia "Joy"

When I saw the name "Joy" written at the back of this Caronia nail polish, I knew it was a color that I would sport a lot. It having the same name as my mom makes this nail polish at lot more special.. But irregardless, the color is very lovely. The shade of beige always compliments a clean cut look. I love wearing this polish when my clothes are more on the sophisticated side. Joy is also a safe-for-work nail polish that almost blends to the skin. It looks so clean and but still grabs the attention.

I know that my mom would love this shade, being a fan of Touch of Beige and Touch of Tan.

I miss you, mom. If you were here, we can both enjoy my Caronia nail polishes. They have lot of wonderful colors that I know you'd love to try. But knowing you, it would just be a passing fancy and would still return to your favorite shades.

I miss you terribly. Having this nail polish makes me feel a lot closer to you.

much love,

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  1. aaahh i love that color!! ok, i'm definitely going to look for that the next time i go the mall. :D


    boat ride through the sky

  2. I love the Bobbie Premium Nail Cream in Touch of Beige. I like how sophisticated that shade of beige you have on. :) I might try that too since I haven't worn Caronia nail polishes. :P

  3. Very touching. I love polish colors that have significance behind the name.

    I am really excited to try Caronia polishes. I've been spoiled by imported brands for a long time, but I think it's about time I try our very own brands for a change.

  4. Aaaw, what a touching little tribute to your mom. I have the color 'Love' by Caronia, it's a nice nude "my nails but better" shade as well.

  5. oooh that color is nice! :) i also discovered that hbc have cute nail polish shades! seafoam green, baby blue, all the spring colors. Love ur blog!:)



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