For Audrey, From Lelila (Digital Traincase)

As a thank you gift, I received this lovely shade of mint nail polish from Lelila of Digital Traincase, that looks so good against my blog theme. I actually didn't expect this from her. I honestly just blog about her online shop because of how reliable she is as a seller. There are many pre-order shops out there, I know. But I'm very satisfied with how Lelila (also known as Sol) communicates and treats me as a client. That is why i don't think twice when linking her shop here in my blog for those wonderful NYX goodies.

Thank you, Lelila, for the wonderful nail polish and lipstick!

This is my very first China Glaze Nail Polish. I've heard how great they can be and I have to admit that it is. Even with my wonky application, my nail polish is still in tact up to now.
Uh-oh.. I feel an addicttion coming on! LOL!

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Soon enough, I'll find myself pre-ordering nail polishes. Hehehe! Maybe that Seche Vite! :)

If you feel a sudden craving for imported nail polish, check out Digital Traincase.

much love,

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  1. bagay nga yung color sa theme mo hehe.. ang cute!

  2. you applied that nail polish perfectly :) and its such a pretty color!

  3. hehe uu nga.nice shade!!perfect combi ng blog theme hehe


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