Butter Up at Beauty and Butter Nail, Face and Art

When I got a free beauty pass to the Beauty and Butter Nail, Face and Art destination, I got excited! It was not a first my time though. I got my eyebrow threading there months before. But I was dying to get my nails done there. Good thing though that I got to try this free of charge. Yey!

Beauty and Butter is located at the heart of 5th floor Megamall, just right across its sister company, Flawless. I got attracted to the Black exterior. It was just so chic and edgy.

You would think that it's a restaurant due to the word Butter, but it isn't.

But since it was named after the thought of food, Beauty and Butter boasts of fabulous services for nails, face and a lot more.

This place is a haven for those who wishes to get pampered. You get all buttered up with their services that is done by highly skilled people.

The people are so accommodating. Even on my first visit (to which they didn't know that I was a blogger), I could really feel the attention that they give to each and every. The people are extremely skilled and polite. They lavish you with just the right amount compliments and not all too pushy for you try more and more services. For someone who works in sales, I can say that even with less words, the people have sold to be Beauty and Butter.

The nail stations are just so fun. Similar to a bar, you get your manicure almost instant when seated here.

I just love the art on walls of this place. It's so popish. :)

Although I don't like noise, a nice flick is just the right amount of distraction I need to keep me from ruining my nails from my ADD. The flick was Confessions of a Shopaholic (to which Carla and I felt a strong connection to). LOL.

There are many products available for you to take home like nail polishes, skin care and perfumes. Quite affordable, too.

Did I mention you can get your nails done and add some art on it, too? For me, this is love! Since i can't even apply a decent nail polish coat, I have Beauty and Butter to do that more plus more! Now my nails won't feel so naked compared to the uber talented nail artist, Nikki. :)

Seats are extremely comfortable. I feel like i'm in a movie house. The foot tube looks pristine and easy to clean so you won't get paranoid from the bacterias that might linger from the previous use.

They have an Ipad you can borrow for the duration of your treatment if you avail a services amounting to Php500 and above.
They also have a free wifi, so don't let those emails from the boss go an answered as you sneak in for some nail pampering.

Carla (Cabby) also getting all pampered, too.

My fabulous fuchsia pink nails. :)

I didn't even notice that we were almost done from all the internet-ing I was doing.

I was on my gym clothes and needed to wear my rubbershoes again. Great thing they have a nal drier. They are really not going to give you an excuse not to get all buttered up at Beauty and Butter.

Sigh.. that felt good!

A nice mani/pedi for a worn out Shen.
Now, don't you think you deserve the same?

Head out to the nearest Beauty and Butter near you, at
5th floor Megamall Atrium
2nd floor Entertainment Wing Mall of Asia
2nd floor SM San Lazaro

much love,

Oh! And a 16g Ipod Nano is raffled out every month. And on December, one lucky client will get a chance to win an IPad for himself of herself.

Hmmm... I think I need another mani/pedi. Hehehe!

Shout out to Mariz who did my pedicure. To Lora, who did my Manicure. And Aisa who waxed my half leg.

Soon: Review on their waxing service.

To those who are wondering, their eyebrow threading is excellent... and cheap, too!

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  1. so cool and it looks so relaxing!!

  2. how much is their nail polishes?
    btw, thanks for sharing this to us XD

  3. how much for the threading? mine is usually 190 but worth it. :)

  4. Gotta try this place out! Thanks for the vivid pictures!

  5. Hi. how excellent is their threading?? i mean how do they do the threading .is it painful??. anyways thanks nice reviews:D

  6. Beauty and butter was truly fab!


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