The Raw Deal on Mandelic Peel (A Flawless Experience)

Being a beauty enthusiast, an addict no less, has prompted me to join the blogging contest being held by Flawless among few chosen bloggers. I was thrilled at the prospect of sharing you treatments that I've always wanted to try in Flawless. For sure, some of you are looking around at the internet for reviews on local aesthetic treatments but could hardly find one. Here, I will endeavor to give your heart's desire by sharing details on treatments I've tried at Flawless.

I've been going to Flawless a few times for the past few years. I remember my first time was in 2004 when I was reviewing for law school entrance exams at Ahead in Megamall. Seeing Flawless, it felt as if it grew up with me. From simple non-assuming facial center to a posh and hot aesthetic boutique that boasts of all the international and dated treatments. I felt like Flawless understood how Filipinas now are with their face and body.

Now that i have achieved a certain clarity of skin and lesser breakouts, I thought it high time to give my skin the ultimate cleansing it truly deserves. Daily cleansing, whitening creams, three times a week scrubbing and home mask can only do so much. And as religious as I am with my beauty rituals, you all know how I try hard to have the perfect skin possible.

But alas, it is enough...

I finally admit that I need help to get to the next level of this mission. To achieve a more flawless and blemish-free skin, I needed the aid of skin peeling. To help remove the dead skin layers that surfaces on my skin and to give back that glow I lost from all acne products I used to cover up. I've been beating my skin as well with so much remedies for my pimples and blackheads that my skin was screaming for rejuvenation.

Now, why such a long introduction? Because the treatment that I'm about to share only takes 10 minutes! It's that quick, easy and effective, I doubt I have a lot of words to share.

Dra. San Ruiz recommended me the Mandelic Peel. She said that my skin has cleared up substantially but my skin being sensitive, that their latest peeling sensation, The Mandelic Peel, is the best treatment for my skin. Now, don't that sound promising?

The Mandelic Peel

Mandelic Peel is best for those with especially indicated in skins combining photoaging with oily skins or acneic tendency.

Concentrations: 30%, 40%, 50%

Mandelic Aid is obtained through hydrolysis of bitter almond extract. Its particularity is that it causes little irritation.

Mandelic peel has been formulated to combat imperfections in skins with acneic tendency, which may also combine photoaging and/or hyperpigmentation.

Its main ingredient Mandelic Acid presents antiseborrheic and keratolitic properties in addition to important antibacterian activity on micro-organisms involved in skin with acneic tendency.

The Mandelic peel renewal process acts on skin hyperpigmentation due to exposure to sun, thanks to its whitening properties which lighten and unify skin tone.

It has humectant and exfoliative activity favoring the elimination of surface skin layers activating regeneration thereof.

The Procedure

My Mandelic Peel started with a foaming cleanser (which I was dying to take home ever since I experienced it earlier this year at Flawless SM Marikina) to rid my skin of the mineral makeup powder I had on. The Foaming Wash is hypoallergenic and great for all skin types.

The covered treatment area at Flawless Megamall

The Certified Resident Dermatologist will administer the rest of the procedure (which many of us will appreciate). Dra. San Ruiz told me that this peeling treatment is the best for those who didn't want the stinging sensation commonly associated with peeling acid such as fruit-based peels and glycolic peels.

Dra. San Ruiz informed me that I will only feel cooling sensation upon application. And true to her words, I really didn't feel a thing. She swiftly and softly brushed the solution on my skin, avoiding the eye area and the skin around it and the corners of the lips.

A fan (a little bigger than those you see in Pinoy jeepneys) will be directed about 12 inches from my face to cool the solution, for about less than 10 minutes.

After that, Dra. San Ruiz washed my face with distilled water. Then, applied the neutralizer which signals the end of the treatment...


As she removed the neutralizer with a towelette, she showed me how "instant" the procedure truly was! There in front of me (I was handed a mirror as if I was in a home TV shopping), bits of white my dead skin was being removed! I could literally see and feel the "eeeewww" being washed off from my face. Only to reveal a better looking skin. I have never experienced a peeling like this one. It couldn't even compare to the diamond peels I've had in the past. It was just fantastic.

The Results

At the end of it, I came out of Flawless Megamall with a clearer, pinkish skin ever.

The BF and I watched Karate Kid later that night in another mall and when I caught a glimpse of myself at the Hotdog Steam Container, I noticed how fabulous my skin was! I was not oily. I was not too red. I didn't have a stitch of makeup on. And that was hours from the treatment! I hope I can say the same with other treatments I've had in the past... but I can't.

No makeup or anything else. This is the result after 11 or so hours. Looks like my normal skin but a lot smoother, cleaner and softer. I still have blemish marks but nothing too severe that I'd care to hide. My skin has definitely improved and I'm loving it!

A few days later, I can go out with a blush and a just curling my lashes.. and oh... Sunscreen of course! Must not forget that!

Who will be my fellow addicts in this treatment?

This is the ultimate peeling treatment for those who:
1. have battled and won the war with cystic acnes
2. have sensitive skin
3. hates the stinging feel of chemical peeling solutions
4. wants fast in-and-out peeling treatments.
5. have events after a treatment and needed to use makeup.

The Budget Police

... will not shun you away from this Ten Minute Wonder, its only Php1500.00 per treatment. Quite affordable, don't you agree? I knew this is an addiction I can maintain. Wink! Wink!

When and Where

The Mandelic Peel is advised to be had once to twice a month. Or once a week for those have tolerant skin. It is also better to consult with Flawless In-house Dermatologist for the best time for you to have this treatment.

The Mandelic Peel is available at all Flawless Aesthetic Clinics. Find the one nearest you here. Those that I've tried are in 5th floor Megamall and Lower Ground SM Marikina.

The Final Verdict

I love it and I am.. ehem.. addicted. Maybe I'll see any of you in Flawless Megamall next week? :)


much love,

Now, if only I can find a treatment that is as affordable to rid me of my eye bags. It is putting LV Keepall in shame.

Want a real LV?

Speaking of Louis Vuitton, the coveted brand of luxurious bags is being gifted to the lucky winner of Flawless' latest raffle promo every month. On December, one lucky winner will sparkle during the Christmas Season with a resplendent necklace with a one carat diamond. All you need to do is spend a minimum of Php1,200.00 on a single receipt payment at any Flawless Branch. Achieve great beauty and you might just get to win that LV bag all of us love or better yet, a one carat diamond.

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  1. Oooohh i wish flawless is here in Malaysia!

  2. whoa now i really want to try it shen!

  3. i want to try it too! am planning to quit (again) my hormone pill but dread the acne battle im gonna face again,... hope this can help,.

  4. Hi Shen! Did your skin flake or peel a few days after the procedure?

  5. Hi! I'm SELLING my 2 remaining sessions (package) of Easy Peel at Flawless SM North for only 6k (save 1k)! NEGOTIABLE. :) Can't use them anymore because I'm on isotretinoin now. But the results of Easy Peel on me was very good. :) If you're interested, you can send me a PM at or call/txt 09309947157. Thanks! :)


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