Product Feature: Caronia Nail Polishes

I'm thankful for Caronia for taking notice of my blog when I feature a few Caronia products. In exchange, they sent me these wonderful products that I could play around with. They also sponsored my Second Year Anniversary Contest which allowed me to shower many of my winners with tons of Caronia products. Sometimes, when you least expect it, good things to do happen.

Love for nail polishes and specifically, Caronia, started because of my mom. She loves getting her nails done and I remember that she loves many Caronia nail polishes. One of her favorite colors was Pussy Red. It's a rich vibrant magenta red that screams Twilight now. It is a great fall color but mom wears it no matter the season. For professional looking nails, my mom opts for Touch of Beige and Italian Nude. Who doesn't know these popular colors, I'm sure haven't had their nails done yet.

Mom really instilled in me the love for getting my nails done and playing with nail polish colors. It's because of her that I try to always have great looking nails.

These hot summer season though, Caronia generously gave me candy-yum colors to play around with.

Let me show you some of the colors I've been rocking these season.

I call this "Under the Sea" Colors
I'm not particular with blue nail polishes but Blue Chill is amongst my favorite along with Goddes and Purple Punch.

While these colors, I call "Sun is Love"
My favorites are Posh, Diva and Pink Passion. The Golden Sun is such a great top coat.

I have a hard time choosing which colors to use. :) Wouldn't you be, if your were in my place?

Caronia made sure I had all the right products whenever I do my nails.

They also ensured I could indulge with hand and feet pampering with their latest products.

Thanks, Caronia, for such wonderful gifts and liking my blog!

much love,

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  1. im glad they came out with these colors. looks sosyal minus the hefty price.

  2. The blues are GORGEOUS. Where can I buy these??

  3. Oh wow, those colors look so yummy! I must remember to buy some when I fly home end of the month. :)


  4. wow i didnt know caronia had lots of nail products other than polishes.. thanks Shen!

    The ViXeN's LaiR


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