Zoya Nail Polish is now in Manila

Organic Rituals Nail and Body Spa offers the best nail service in town. It being organic-oriented will not only mean better looking but hydrated hands and feet as well. They also don't use regular nail polish, only Sparituals (vegan nail polishes) and Zoya (good for pregnant and lactating women) touches the nails of Organic Rituals clientelle.

Organic Rituals Nail Salon

This place exuded a homey feel. I love how soft the couch is but isn't eating me all up. The aroma from the reed diffuser (which is made here in the Philippines), gives the spa feel that I always look for whenever I go to a nail salon. I love the bright colors of the interior and how intimate yet roomy the place is. The window is so refreshing. I love the sun but I don't want it hitting me so a dose of it from the inside of Organic Rituals will surely make me want to get my nails done during the afternoon. The people were nice and accomodating but not pushy. Most of all, the staff are have years of experience in doing manicure. As always, I'm sure this is a place my mom would like. Especially since they have tons of magazines that you could lose yourself into while getting your feet pampered. Honestly, I was comfortable. It felt like I was inside my dream sala.

One of the best thing is that they sell ZOYA nail polishes. The colors may be limited but what they have is definitely what every Filipina would love.

I'm getting my nails done on thursday next week. Care to join me?

much love,

Organic Rituals is located at the Mezzanine Floor, Atlanta Centre, 31 Annapolis St., Greenhills.
Open Monday - Saturday, 11AM to 9PM. By appointment on Sundays.
Tel. No.: 661-3101

If you wanna park inside or near the building. Call an hour or two ahead so they can reserve you a spot.

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  1. Hello Shen, will they be selling the Zoya polishes online too?

  2. that looks like a great place! i wonder how much it costs, i hope it's not too expensive. tee hee!

  3. wow, love those blue zoya polishes!!!

  4. zoya is safe for lactating women? wow! thanks for giving time to inform us with this! Thank you shen!
    i hope there services are affordable

  5. how much is a bottle of zoya nail polish? :D


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