Craving for Blackberry

I'm very very happy with my Iphone and wouldn't really trade it for anything...

Except that Blackberry Bold 9700 has been pushing inside my brain for the past couple of days and I can't seem to shake it off. I really don't know why. I am one very spendthrift woman. It seems to have everything I want. Stylish black exterior, smooth trackpad, BBM - popular IM of filipino now, great apps, QWERTY keypads and lots more.

Sigh! Make that double sigh...

I do hope I get over this soon. It's just way too impractical for me to get this when its already tax season. :(

much love,

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  1. You will love a blackberry though!!!! It will change your life hehe

  2. Once you go Blackberry, you won't go back! Trust me!

  3. Hi! am a blackberry user. what I love about it, is its functionality. I have the bb bold 9000. When I was back in the Philippines this January most of the people I see have the Iphone (sorry I've been living out of the country for over 4 years so I'm not really up to date)? I didn't know bb is also a choice, now I know why they are eyeing my phone and my sister was happy when I gave her my old one lol....

  4. i'm using 8320, di ko feel ang BB, ginagamit ko lang kase it was a gift lol

  5. i had that phone a couple weeks ago, and believe me i plan to get it back asap!! it's awesome. my hubby has an iphone and i think i like the blackberry better! but i guess you got over your craving since you want that nokia now hahaha


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