Urban Woman: Tires and what to do with it.

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I recently met a mishap in my third-hand car. The tire at the back of the driver side was beyond repair due to bad vulcanizing.

Did you know that our tires have wiring around inside it and if you don't know how to distinguish a good vulcanizing, you'll get your tires broken beyond repair like I did? Because of my ignorance, I needed to buy a second-hand tire just I could use my car again. Can you believe it? It definitely sucks and I just don't want you to go through with what I did.

So here is a few pointers that I would like you to take notice of when it comes to your car tires.

1. Have it aired regularly. If you're always on the road, a once a week habit or every time you get gassed up is a good time to also have it aired.

2. Check air pressure regularly to ensure you don't have a slow leak. Slow leak is a bit harder to determine. The device cost only about P150 toP300 in automotive or hardware shops like Ace Hardware or Handyman.

3. Check the thread of each tire and make sure they are still visible. If it looks worn, have a professional advise you if you need them checked or replaced.

4. Invest in a mini car compressor. This emergency device can air up your tires just in case you have two flat tires. It ensures a few good miles until you get to the next gasoline station.

5. Have a spare and check it too. Most of us ladies can overlook the spare sometimes. Ensure that it's in good working condition and could save the day.

6. Learn how to change tires. They say its simple as physics but its not so better have your dad or BF show a demonstration and teach you how to change your tires. Be ready to get dirty and keep wipes and towel in your trunk.

7. Make sure that the stuff you need to change your tires are in your trunk. Familiarize yourself with them.

8. When vulcanizing your tires, NEVER USE HOT PATCH. This will likely ruin the steel thread inside your tires and cause irreparable damage. ONLY USE COLD PATCH or with some, the German patch. Only have your tires vulcanized in reputable tire repair shops.

9. Don't leave your tires when the tire man is vulcanizing your tires. Keep your eyes on it and ask questions on what type of patch they are using. ASK FOR WARRANTY.

10. Don't get out of the car when someone tells you you have a flat tire. Look for the nearest lighted establishment or better yet a gasoline station before checking it. Make sure that the surrounding is safe. There are modus operandi that victimized woman with this situation.

These are just basic things that I can share with you. Online, you will find a lot more information that you can learn from. Let's not be helpless in moments like this, okay?

I'll leave you with a video that will give you an idea on how to deal with a flat tire:

This is what every Urban Woman should know.

much love,

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  1. Haha! I have had zero knowledge on flat tires, too! My tire popped in the middle of SLEX, boo. Fortunately, I was near a tire shop so I just bought new ones, mahal kainis but I've learned my lesson :) Thanks for posting this, Shen sweetie. All of us girls should know these :)

    Take care always! Mwah!

  2. Oh, and rotate tires every 15000kms.

  3. Also check camber alignment once a year.

    Too much negative or positive camber will cause uneven tire wear. Which is bad, because you will have to replace your tires sooner.

  4. very informative post shen! wala akong knowledge when it comes to tires, thank goodness hindi ko pa natry na ma-flat tire on the road..


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