Let's Relax, Shall We?

Stairs to Nirvana?

In this life, we can never really compare our trials from one another. The pain and hardship feels the same no matter how minute or big our troubles are. But what is important that we find that time for ourselves to rejuvinate and find our center.

A massage would be beneficial to any woman who works hard all day and take care of their family at night. A student is deserving of a Red Wine Sparkler Body Scrub for all the commuting she does just so she could attend her classes. A mother deserves a night off with Water Lily Restorative Facial to bring back the radiance that her husband first saw in her. All women who drives in the awful awful traffic of Metro Manila deserves a Total Indulgence Package from The Spa.

Indulgent, I was indeed. This is one package befitting a queen. And aren't we all queens? :)

It was one fateful Friday when I got to try one of the amazing, most wonderful spa time that I've experienced in all my life. The last time I had a similar experience was a day before my graduation ball in college, year 2004.

After almost six years, I was again able to taste that bit of luxury that eluded me for almost a decade. The Spa Acropolis was heaven for me that Friday night. After a more an hour drive from Malate to Libis, I was ushered inside one of the poshest Spa Wet Area that I've seen.

My locker was serendipitously number 7, it being a fortunate night for me to be where I was. I was given a bath towel and robe for me to change into. I secured my belongings inside my locker and went straight to the steam room for a little detoxification. I didn't want to leave but alas, I had a lot of store for me during the night. I took a bath and settled at the waiting area (still inside the wet area). But just right before I went ahead to experience my treatments, I was served the best ginger brew I have ever tasted. The sweet yet spicy bite of it tickles my throat in just the right places. I yearned for a seconds... and third.. and fourth.

my favorite Ginger Brew

Vanity Area

Locker area on the right and seats beside it.


Lovely whirlpools

Shower Area

Truly, I was in heaven...

Not quite yet, apparently. I was led to a room, their scrub room, that has this sort of bed ala bathtub. The Red Wine Sparkler Body Scrub was the beginning of my treatment (yes, it was just about to begin.), I was asked to lay down and the treatment began. Fe, my attendant, was very careful and meticulous with her work. She made sure that every part needed to scrubbed was evenly done. She was soft with the pressure that the apricot seeds didn't hurt my skin.

Red Wine Sparkler Body Scrub

Exfoliate with a luxurious scrub that contains powerful anti-oxidants from red wine extract, leaving your skin soft and radiant. Then a full body massage complements the pampering and body nourishment experience.

Scrub Bed

When everything was done, I thought that I would be left alone to shower off my the scrub on my own. I wasn't. Instead, Fe started the shower and made sure that the temperature was just right. She then showered off the scrub for me! I felt like Marie Antoinette or a princess in a Hindu Palace. I barely lifted a finger through out the whole process. What i love aside from the good scrubbing was the shower on top of the bed, it fell all over my body as it washed off the beads away. Sigh.. I still could feel the shower on my back. It was like one of those renaissance books that I've read. Le sigh!

After that, I was led to the opposite room where in I was to have my next treatment, free from the package given to me, Body Massage. Leony, my masseuse, did a great job. I pointed out to her the part where i was aching the most but at the same she didn't sacrifice other part of the massage. How good was it? I fell asleep, that's how good it is. Swedish massage is one of my favorite and I'm dying to get another one. Pain or no pain.

I still had one more treatment one to go, my Water Lily Facial. Doesn't it sound good and relaxing? Will my senses float like that of a Water Lilly and will I emerge at serene and smooth as it does? Well, I had a ginger brew to keep me waiting while I ponder.

Fe, just on time, arrived and ushered me to the treatment room that has two lazy boys. I was asked to sit on it and then she maneuvered the lazy boy in a way that I was lying down. The facial treatment began with soft facial cleansing. A number of products was applied to my face to and it was massaged on to my skin to ensure that I get the benefits of the Water Lily facial. from face to the decolletage, I was pampered. The scent of it was amazingly subtle and not too strong. it reminded me of my mom, God bless her soul. And instead of feeling teary-eyed as I usually do... I felt contented for once. It was as if she knew I deserved to have this night off from all the troubles in my life.

Restorative Water Lily Facial

The European White Lily, a majestic flower with exceptional curative powers, inspires this luxurious facial treatment. Corrective treatment increases collagen synthesis to help repair aged or unbalanced skin conditions and nourish premature aged or unhealthy looking skin. This treatment is abundant in Water lily essences, hazel nut oil, vitamin e and flower extracts that are combined to bring back balance and radiance, leaving you with an incomparable healthy glow.

The facial mask and its cleansing signaled the end of my treatment. I must admit I was still a bit hesitant to go home. I felt I found a home. One that understood my needs and where I could truly relax. The atmosphere of The Spa was truly relaxing and invigorating at the same time. just exactly what I needed. My fortunate and deserving at the same time. Have felt that way?

The best thing about this all is that this package only cost Php3,200 for what was a supposed Php1,900 per treatment if gotten separately. I tell you, its really worth it.

We all need to indulge once in awhile.. :)

So? Shall we?

Visit The Spa website to know more about their other packages. :)

much love,

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  1. That's an amazing time you have had. I wish I could too. What with all the stress at work. I might have to go the soonest...before I lose my sanity. Haha!

  2. Waaaaah. I'm so envious =)

  3. Ahhhh that looks and sounds so good. Everyone needs that kind of pampering. And P3200 for all that seems like a good na ah.


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