Initial Look: Revlon Photoready Collection

Revlon Photoready Collection
No concealer (not even eye concealer)

With flash. Indoor lighting.

Focused Close Up, No retouch whatsoever.

When I was asked to review Revlon Photoready for my blog, I simply couldn't say no. After all, No bad lighting? Truly I have to see this for myself.

When I started ung high-definition makeup, I instantly see saw results. It melded into my skin really great and all my pictures looks like I've never had pimples all my life. It was that good.

Revlon came out with this wonderful line of makeup, powder and translucent finisher that aims to give just as the same results. It even promises perfected skin in any light. It even has SPF 20 for the liquid foundation and 14 for the powder. Isn't it just nice. You swipe this one with or without sunblock and you're protected for the initial time you have to stay in the sun.

Revlon Photoready Makeup 003 Shell (Php925.00)

Initial feel of the Revlon Photoready Makeup (liquid foundation) is that its almost same as MUFE HD Foundation. Not like your run of the mill liquid foundation. Upon swatching I was shocked to see the specks of glitter on it. It was so noticeable that I was hesistant to use it. But since a lot of people are curious about this, what the heck. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought. The tiny tiny specks weren't noticeable on my skin. Hard to believe, but yes. It dries into a matte finish. The only thing I don't like is that it settles on to my lines fast that i have to give extra effort in blending.

I give this 3.5 out of 5 points. :)

Revlon Photoready Powder in Fair (P975.00)/Light and Translucent Finisher (Php975.00)

Initial feel of the Powder is that it feels matte and smooth. I like that. But the thing is, it can only provide light to medium coverage. Much like my Cargo Blu-ray pressed powder. This is great for retouching. Especially when used together with the liquid foundation or any liquid foundation at that.

I give this 4 out 5

Initial thought on the Translucent Powder is that it provides the complete look. For people who hardly use mineral makeup, this one is something that you can benefit from. But the specks of it may throw off people from trying. But don't let it, since you'll be applying this with the brush and not a sponge.

I give this 3 out 5

When I used the whole collection of Revlon Photoready, I was on my way to Tiendesitas to have my dogs groomed. And you know how opt and humid it can get in there. So far, I find that this products can't contain a lot of my oilies. And though it covered really well, my pores can still be seen. But it did a great job in giving me nice photos. Even my Iphone shot was great. Some commented on my FB page that i looked pretty.

This is one foundation you must keep in mind especially for events like prom, graduations and parties. All your photos would probably look fabulous.

Overall initial review, I like the look and feel of it for a second time use. Although we all know we need more than that to make sure we have a holy grail product on our hands.

But don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself. Revlon PhotoReady is available at your favorite Revlon counters.

much love,

P.S. The shade I got is too white for me even for my acidic skin. It seems that this foundation won't darken on me overtime. Nude or Natural Beige would probably be the best shades for me.

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  1. i want to try revlons HD line too..but the glitters scares me..pero im still curious

  2. so pretty, me still learning on apply make up

  3. Hi Shen, at first I got the one in Natural Beige however it was too dark for my skin...haven't tried Nude but I made a second purchase, the one in Shell :) At first it was maputi but finally blended naman :)

  4. Nice review, will definitely put that it my list soon. Love the fact that you'd look photo ready indeed, thanks for this Ms. Shen :)

  5. I'm in love with the bling, it exudes so much class, and it's something I want in any slippers! =D

  6. i have used it twice but it didn't give me the desired result. or is it possible that it didn't go well with my finishing powder (skinfood buckwheat loose powder)? i didn't buy the translucent powder as i found it too steep for my budget. but if it's the perfect match for my foundation, baka ill get it na lang. hehe.

    i've been reading ur blog for sometime. i like your helpful and informative posts.


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