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need help shen, my niece has a bad case of acne, she's using proactive atm, graduation is fast approaching-she needs make up-what would you recommend? I dont want to give something to make things worst-another-will mineral make up be better for her?
Despite the late night, this question has captured my attention from the numerous ones that I have in Formspring. I could certainly relate to this one since I myself had my fair share of acne troubles. Oh boy, did I have a lot.

Graduation is that one event that we want to look our best. Those grueling exams, thesis and papers to rush, the late nights and stress takes a toll on us girls. Not only do we have to worry about our hormonal problems but even the daily stress can ruin our beautiful baby skin. It sucks to be girl sometimes. And Graduation is the day we feel we are vindicated from all those things. It is only deserving that we look good in every picture.

First off, congratulations to your niece on her graduation. I do admire you, her aunt, in taking the initiative in helping her out.

To answer your question, I first recommend that she go to a reputable dermatologist to address her acne problems. Although Proactiv is popular for treating acne, there is nothing like a goood doctor's advice to help with her situation. Her acnes may be caused by other reasons other than puberty. When my mom noticed how bad my acne was, she instantly brought me to a dermatologidt to have it treated, cleaned and medicated. Nothing over the counter for my obssessive compulsive mother. Until now, when ever my hormones would go haywire or when i have skin reaction from the products I test I immediately go to the dermatologist. I might be financially depleting but it is definitely worth it.

Furthermore, do advise her to always wear sunblock as this is the best advise I could give for acne-ridden skin. The scars from acne easily darkens when exposed to the sun, this is the hardest part to get rid off than acne as the scars stay even when you have no pimples any longer. Whitening treatments are very expensive and you want her to skip this part as much as possible.

As for makeup, mineral makeup is the best choice for those with severe acne situation. It is my personal experience that mineral makeup helped lessen my pimples in time. The natural ingredients does not irritate my skin no matter how long the day was. Another thing is that it has natural sunscreen that keeps me protected from the sun. Mineral makeup doesn't clog the pores and it is easier to clean the face even without a makeup remover. I think it was the best decision that I made when I started to use mineral makeup.

To recommend a few products, there is Ellana, Beauty and Minerals, Pureglow, Bare Naturals and Maybelline. All those products I've used that have not given me skin problems at all nor did it gave me pimples and did not aggravate my pimple-ridden skin.

But still, makeup is makeup. Another advise I could give is for her to cleanse her face properly and efficiently. Cleansing is the most important part of my facial routine and I don't take this step lightly. To share with you, I don't put a lot of products on my face. Just a good facial soap like Clinique, SAS soap from Flawless or Mineral Flowers Rose Geramium to clean my face throughly (I use this alternately). Then I apply eye cream on my under eyes. I only use night cream when I feel that my face is tight from the soaps. In the morning, same cleansing method and then sunscreen. Simple but very effective. Surprising, isn't it?

Just in case it can't be helped that she has to use a regular makeup. Ensure that the tools are clean and that she cleanse her face thoroughly prior to bedtime.

There you go, I hope that I was able to help you out and that you have something to share with your niece.

Thank you for thinking of Shen's Addiction in aiding you on helping your niece.

much love,

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  1. Great tips, Shen. You really take time to answer your readers' Qs. That's why we can't get enough. =)

    I'm all for MMU as well. Especially now that I'm also undergoing derma treatments. Hugs*


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