Sujiivana Salon Haircut Review

I finally did it. I finally chopped off my locks. I simply couldn't pass up an opportunity when presented by the chance to have it styled by a trained-stylist of KNE, an acclaimed international hair stylist who made it his personal mission to give the Philippines a different lasting taste in hair styling. I couldn't be more impressed with his principles. He will definitely bust the Filipino myths when it comes to hair styling.

Sujiivana, a beautiful life in Sanskrit, is a word that rings true in this salon. They have made it their dedication to make this salon a lifestyle destination. The place upon entering will definitely give you that relaz feeling. The team of Sujiivana are attentive and welcoming. Not all too intidimating like other salons I've been to in x number of years of salon tripping.

My hair cutting session started off with the attendant giving me a client card to fill out. I'm always impressed with salon who takes time to get to know their clients by these cards. Not everyone has this nor takes it seriously. Clearly, Sujiivana does. When I was directed to my seat, I was given a drink and the magazine I want to read. Just exactly what I wrote on the card.

Teddy, the stylist assigned to me was attentive when I tried to explain how I want my hair to look like. I was intentionally making an effort in giving him a hard time as I explained. Yes, I'm bad like that. But I wanted test his patience and knowledge as well. I told him I wanted a cut that is not too short nor too long... but I don't mind layers, something good for my rebonded hair but also for the top part which isn't rebonded anymore. I would also want bangs but my hair would not cooperate. Could he make it possible?

End results?

Yes, he did it! I love my new hair!! I have bangs!! The last time I had bangs, I wanted to chop the stylist's hands because she committed horrible crime on my hair! But Teddy definitely got my style (no matter how confusing my explanation was). I'm so impressed!

I know those are a lot of photos of me with my new haircut but I just want to show you how pleased I am with KNE's training. Teddy took his sweet time in cutting my hair. He also patiently answered my inquiries on his techniques. He gave me easy-enough to understand process on how they were trained. It shouldn't be rushed, he said. "You paid for a good price for your hair cut, you must get you're money's worth.", he added.

After my cut, my hair was masked by a treatment that will reduce the damage that has been done to my hair due to the coloring and rebonding. It will also give my hair the shine it lacks. This treatment starts at about Php700 and up, depending on the length of your hair.

Another thing that I asked is if I could maintain this look everyday. This time, Teddy's assistant, Kirby, took his time on explaining me on how I could achieve the same look with a flat iron. Even demonstrating on how to hold the flat iron. For nearly a week now, I've been achieving almost the same results with my handy-dandy hair ironing tool.

I asked this because we all know that a blow dry could only go so far but once we wash our hair, the magic is gone and we are left with a bad haircut. With the Sujiivana way, I get to take home my hairstyle and not worry that I won't look the same the next day, or the next and the next after that.

The BF didn't like the idea of cutting a lot inches from my hair. The only thing he asked of me was to never cut my hair short. You see, he likes my hair long and straight. But when I came home, he couldn't help but be wowed with the transformation. He said I look younger. He even asked if I had coloring done. I said no. I told him the hair cut brought my highlights to life compared to my previous haircut. "I like it." he said approvingly.

Even the BF (picky picky BF) adores it. :D

Sujiivana scores:
Ambiance: 5 out 5
Service: 5 out of 5
Price (Php500.00): 5 out of 5
Location: 3 out of 5
(If I live in the South area, I'd give this 5 as well.)

There you have it. Sujiivana Salon has one happy client in me.

Here are some photos of the Sujiivana Salon for your perusal.
(photos provided by management of Sujiivana Salon. Credits to its photographer.)

Isn't is just breathtakingly beautiful??
I wouldn't mind spending my weekends here (that is if my wage would allow it).

much love,

Sujiivana Salon is located at
The Serenity Place
Westgate Center, Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel no. 02-7712385 to 87 and 89

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  1. your hairstyle is fab! its always great to discover new salons with good stylists! thank you for sharing this shen :)

  2. Hey! That's near where I live! I'll try it out soon :)

    You look great Shen! Your new cut suits you :)

  3. omg the salon looks super fancy. I love your new hair and its pretty cool that its so easy to maintain.

    by the way, i like your necklace ^_^

  4. very pretty! looks good on you shen :) Oh and I love the necklace too :)

  5. Shen! super bagay mo! I love it! You look very very young with this hair cut!!! and I can't wait to touch your hair later on!!! muwah :x

  6. that looks great!! i wish i could find a trustworthy stylist around that cared as much about the health of my hair as the look of it.

  7. I agree with your bf, you look so young! And gosh, you're hair looks really healthy too! but the location is so far haha :)

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new cut!!

    Very chic!

  9. Your new hairstyle is beautiful and really suits you. Love the necklace too.

  10. oooh your hair looks awesome! it does deserve this entry!

  11. Looks really gorgeous!!! Wow!

  12. Love the haircut on you, and the haircolor does look more vibrant :)

    Been wanting to try out this might've convinced me to book an appointment there. Thanks :)

  13. I just wanted to say thank you for Visiting our salon. It was a pleasure to have you, and I am very happy that you love your cut. It is comments like this, that make this job wonderful for me.

    Thank you again,

    GM - The Serenity Place,
    Home of Sujiivana Salon

  14. trix_deseo4/3/10 2:31 PM

    hey that's me haha! (hi shen, trix here:D) i love my new hair as well.:)

  15. hi shen thanks for the good compliment.,. god bless.,.

  16. hi shen.,. Teddie here.,. thanks for the good compliment.,. god bless.,.

  17. hi shen.,. teddie here,., thanks for the good and nice compliment.,. god bless.,.

  18. Hey Shen! How much was your hair spa treatment? (for your hair's length :D )


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