Movie Review: Valentine's Day + meet & greet

This star-studded movie reminded me of Drew Barrymore's He's Just Not Into You and the local movie Star Circle cast J.O.L.O.G.S. but a little more up beat and truly in tune with LOVE. Hence, the title. The cinematography was amazing. Although my dad is from LA, it is not on top of the list of my USA fantasy trip. Right now, it is!!! Well, second to New York. :)

The movie like many love-themed movie is very much relate-able. It inspired not only of Love but what truly is behind it.... forgiveness, acceptance, courage, commitment, fidelity, honesty and unconditional. I shed a few tears but mostly there were laughs. The audience were taken away by the made comedy scene and believe me when I say that the audience didn't hold back their reactions. :)

The movie happened during one Valentine's Day and it revolved around a lot of people who are somewhat connected to each other in some ways. Ashton Kutcher's role was so adorable that I saw him in a different light. Anne Hathaway's acting was just the best! One of the comedic highlight of the movie. Jessica Biel reminded me of a friend but in a more exaggerated way. Her i-hate-vday-but-hopes-to-share-with-someone is just too darn cute. You won't hate her, I swear. Jaimie Foxx and Eric Dane was just dripping with sexy! You have to watch out for the out of the shower towel-clad Eric Dane, McSteamy indeed. Patrick Dempsey didn't have an admirable character. His action were worthy of Gabriella action. I didn't like all the hoochy acting Taylor-Taylor tandem showed since I think of her as an innocent teenager. Emma Roberts owned her acting. I like her nonchalant script. There's more but I'd let you be the judge on those.

I was first hesitant to bring the BF since he's not into romantic movies like this one. But boy oh boy, my man was laughing his heart out with a few scenes with me. So yes, this is Boyfriend safe movie. Especially those BF who tends to lean on gory zombie movies like mine. I'm sure they will have a great time with this one.

Most of all, this movie made me miss my mom a lot. I know the love that she has put in to raising me and me making it difficult along the way didn't help. So, for those who thinks that love don't exist, just look at the person who raised you... you'll know that you had it all along. And that Valentine's Day is not the only day you can show you love them, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss this great romantic-comedy film made for the Happy Heart's day.

after the movie, I met Justine who reads beauty blogs and about to start her own.
With her is her bf, Jarek. :) Glad to have met you both!

much love,

I would like to thank the people of The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt for holding such a wonderful promo that allowed me and the BF to watch this movie on the eve Valentine's Day. The 10 cups really made me lose almost 10 lbs. :)

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  1. very true, our parents are our best source of the love that we sometimes take for granted. good to know taht you had a great time =)kung hei fat choi and happy valentine's day =)

  2. hmph was about to see that movie awhile ago but the bf kept on insisting that its a chick flick so yun,we ended up watching wolfman coz all the theaters were full na.. -_-

    happy hearts day ate shen :)

  3. I watched this with my family and they loved it!

  4. nice outfit you got there!nice movie too :)

  5. It's really a nice movie. Even my man laugh to it too. Thanks for this! Haha. Feels good, I deserve some space in your blog.


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