An Early Valentine Movie Datev + New Kikay Gadget

It really is going to be one early Valentine's day date for me and my love. On the eve of Valentine's day I will be enjoying a much anticipated romantic comedy movie of the year, Valentine's Day. It an all star cast and it is just befitting that I spent it with love of my life, don't you think?

here's my ticket and my large Beret combo.

a closer look... yum! yum! (and getting hungry and its 12:34am.. grr..)

giddy with my free tickets!

it's a date!

Aside from the movie, there will be more things in store for the movie-goers. Belle de Jour planners and Fitness First passes will be given to the early birds. While The Body Shop will be raffling their Love Etc. collection during the night. I think this will be one Valentine's day date I will forever cherish... :)

See you there!!!


...and look at here... I got my early gift from Globe. :)
Well, I got my requested new line from them and charged a minimal cash out from the BF's card.
I've been dating this phone for the past few days and boy oh boy I'm glad the BF is not the jealous type.

much love,

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  1. aww advanced happy vday ate shen :) wala pa kami final plans for our date tomorrow hehe enjoy enjoy!


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