Product Review: Bare Naturals Mineral Lipgloss

Bare Naturals Mineral Lipgloss in Fame and Glamor
(Php215 for 8gm)

Fame: Cross between raspberry and mauve with red and silver iridiscence
Glamor: Pink coral with hint of coral and silver iridiscence

I've had my Bare Naturals mineral lip glosses for quite sometime now.
I can't believe how amazingly pigmented these are but still gives me that much needed moisture.

I prefer Glamor more often than Fame for everyday use and with some of my office wear. Fame is a sweet raspberry that will make your lips look bitten by soft kisses, while Glamor makes it a bit more puckered. Fame is an all time fave for afternoon coffee until evenings.

lip swatch of Glamor

Lasting power is about same as any lip gloss but appeared to stay longer unless I eat of drink. Proven to keep my lips soft even in an air-conditioned environment.

I love using this just before I get down the car and every time I go to the ladies room, the packaging is just posh enough that I can't help not whipping' it out for people to see. LOL.

me likey:
that it is not sticky-icky at all
(though don't have aversion to sticky lip gloss), i just love that this glides on smoothly.
the mentholated scent is not too overpowering.
colors are definitely safe for work
pigmented enough that you'll see the color
(actual color on the tube will appear subtle on the lips)
love how affordable it is (Php215.00)
how accessible Bare Naturals is to me

none during my nearly 4 months of use.

addiction rate: 4 out 5
it's a definite must-try!

much love,

Bare Naturals Mineral Lipglosses are available at

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  1. have you tried venus and mars' products?


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