A Plate of Palette: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II

Finally, a makeup post for 2010! :)

To start this year's first makeup-related post, I will begin with a Plate of Palette, a 3-part post that will showcase the three major palettes that influenced the latter part of my 2009. These palettes are what I consider good buys despite their affordability to some or exuberant prices to some. Either way, they are here posted because I really like them... A LOT!

Everytime I get the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, it always in form of a gift. I'm really thankful that I'm blessed like that. The first one is from dear Gracie from UK, the glitz and glamour lady we adore. The second volume was from my elementary BFF, Frances. We saw each other again (thanks to Facebook) when she asked me about Ellana. I came with her to the Ellana Showroom where she hoarded a lot on their products. The love for what else, makeup, made it easier for us to catch up on things. It was really great seeing her again and keeping in contact with her since.

It's quite ironic really when I think about it, because I already ordered this palette with an online shopper but came with bad news that it was sold out online. Then I asked a relative from NYC to buy it for me and in return, I will be the one who'll send money to those they will gift christmas money to. I received the same news, it was also sold out at the Sephora stores they go to. I really thought that it was the end of that.

But by Christmas, I came to Frances' house and we exchanged gifts. I asked if she could get me the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II but I didn't imagine how difficult it was for her since it was sold out in Sephora stores near where she was staying. She was really glad that she went to Nordstrom, the last piece was handed to her by the sales rep. I truly appreciate her getting this and going through all those trouble. This gift truly made my Christmas amongst others. Thank you, Best!!! She knows already how thankful I am. I'm sure, you, my fellow bloggers know what I mean when it comes to things like this.

Needless to say, this palette is truly a must buy. Its been featured in a lot of beauty blogs as gift idea for Christmas and I have to say that occasion or no occasion, this will make any makeup lover happy and very grateful. That's a hint for you, guys. Either way, no girl should stop themselves if they want this palette.

Enough blabber, here are some snaps I took withe my ever reliable cam, Nikon d40.

Urban Decay says:

Like a sequel to a great novel that you were sorry to see end, Book of Shadows is back with Volume II to captivate us once again. The largest and most unique palette we offer, Vol. II is stocked with 16 shadows (including 8 exclusive to this set), travel size 24/7 Eye Pencils in Zero and Bourbon, and a mini genie bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The mix of shadows includes shimmers and glitters, neutrals and brights. Build just about any look you can imagine!

This is certainly a sequel that everyone will love!

The package is made with a shiny purple white cover that had bright purple foil design. Upon opening the top part, you will be greeted by a decently large mirror with a peacock border . A secret peacock feather door will reveal a mini book that will give you ideas on how to use your Book of Shadows. There are no how-to's but simply looks to inspire you.

Upon opening the drawer, you will be greeted by 16 fabulous shades that are both celebrated collections and the coveted limited editions. To add fuel to the wondrous flame, it also comes with two best selling mini 24/7 glide-on liners in Zero and Bourbon and a mini version of the eyeshadow Primer Potion. It definitely spells L-O-V-E! :)

Permanent shades include: Sellout, Gunmetal, Ectasty, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside, and YDK.

Limited Edition shades are: AC/DC (deep eggplant shimmer), Nylon (champagne sparkler), Mushroom (taupey-gunmetal), Sphynx (pink sparkle/shimmer), Jinx (bright blue shimmer), Homegrown (bright green shimmer), Misdemeanor (deep teal sparkle), and Perversion (matte black).

I love:
That the eyeshadows are not chalky at all
Great pigmentation, a little goes a long way
Colors are great for either day and night wear (yes, even if they are shimmery)
Affordability (for $48, you get 16 eyeshadows for $3 each, plus 2 mini 24/7 glide-on liners and a sample of the primer potion.)
With the primer potion, the eyeshadow will definitely stay for a whole night of dancing and some more.


I really thought I won't be able to get my grubby hands on this baby!
Really, positive thinking works!

Thanks again, Frances, for giving this to me!! :)

much love,

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