Monday, March 30, 2009

Kikay Pinay Exclusive: My Lancome Beauty Club

Shen's Addiction aka Kikay Pinay and a few chosen bloggers are bringing it to you exclusive.

Last Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at Greenbelt 5 Fashionwalk for the much-awaited launch of My Lancome Club of Lancome Philippines. Attendees may avail this exclusive priviliged at discounted rate. Such prestigious club opens a door to Lancome's luxurious line of cosmetics and skin care heralded by many women all over the world.

I can only consider myself lucky to be a part of this prestigious event.
(thanks to Sophie, who couldn't join us that night)

Nikki of Askmewhats and me
(thanks to Keith, Nikki's super devoted husband who took so much pictures of us that night)

Me, Allison Salvador of Lancome and Nikki
(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

Faces of Filipina Women of Lancome

Beauty team behind Fredirick Peralta's models

no, we're not models... aspiring, more like it.
Beauty bloggers for such Beauty event
me, Nikki, Jaimie and Jheng

making funny faces! quite inapproriate for such an elegant evening but what the heck!

Waiting in line to see Lancome boutique located at Greenbelt 5, Makati
(i can spend the whole day inside)

playing with the flowers along Jheng's fabulous face
(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

us at Lancome! (i feel like a tourist!)
(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

I was lucky enough to get a few shots of the evening. :)

Ms. Dy of Lancome gives her introduction of the event

Ms. Carrie Co telling us about the wonderful things about My Lancome Club

I could only wish to be up there in the future. :)

Now on to Frederick Peralta's wedding collection. A definite highlight of the evening.

oh the wonderful talents of Filipinos.

that's Jheng, Nikki and our ever so wonderful playing photog that night, Mr. Keith Tui!

(thanks Jaimie for this!)

It was truly a fun day spending time with friends who shares my passion for anything beautiful. These girls, who I consider my true friends, are a joy to be with.
I am indeed blessed to share such event with them.
Although, I did miss Phoebe and Sophie, who sadly can't be with us that night.
They are busy pursuing their goals. :)
We miss you!!!
Maybe next time?

much love,

P.S. You got that right, Jheng, Jaimie and I shared a meal at Ebun (a memorable place to us all). After which, Jheng and I had after-dinner drinks at Chili's with the rain pouring angrily on Manila.
As if we'll stray away from tradition, right.
Although on our next drink, I'm hoping Sophie, Phoebe, Nikki and Jaimie will join us.
And you, of course!

NEW! Bare Naturals Mineral Blushes

Ms. Lami, creator and proprietess of Bare Naturals Philippines sent me these blushes as gifts for my one year of blogging along with the prizes. I was quite surprise because the prizes already was too overwhelming. Let

Right after looking at each blushes, I was only too glad to receive these as gifts because I'd probably go crazy over NOT having them since Ms. Lami is yet to unveil them on her site. These Mineral Blushes are gorgeous!!! (Yes, triple exlamations).

The New Bare Naturals Mineral Blushes leans towards pink and mauve colors. Colors that definitely up in my alley. They are easy to use and easy to blend. Just about two tap sof this on my palette will do to give me a nice pinched look. :)

I am concurrently using these blushes, depending on my mood or eye look. For everyday though, i like French Kiss and Dollface. For an evening out, Viva Sophia and Romance are my choices while Voila is nice for contouring my cheekbones since its a bit dark on me. :) Romance and Voila are great for morena skin who like a natural flush look.

French Kiss and Voila are in Matte formula while the rest have a bit of Satin Shimmer to them. The shimmer though are subtle enough to create a nice glowy look. Not the oily look kind. :) Its that kind of shimmer that makes my skin appear satin-smooth, not a disco-ball. I guess, what I love about Philippine-made mineral makeups are their ability to think what each Pinay needs. Although Pinays have shown to have a lot of spunk, we are still deep inside Dalagang Filipina who refuses to look too made up. :) We still want that Natural Look. I think our boyfriends will agree. :)

Bare Naturals Mineral Blushes

French Kiss | Viva Sophia

Dollface Cheenee

Romance | Voila

swatches: with flash

swatches: in natural light

sawatches: in natural light, up close

swatches: in natural light, up close

Swatches are based on My skintone, which is Natural Medium Light in BareNaturals and NC30-35 in MAC Studio Fix.
The swatch may vary depending on your skintype.
Although I must say that these are fool-proof.
All colors are really usable in any skintone and skintype.

Are you ready to try something new?

These are yet to be available so prices are still unannounced. :)

much love,


1 one day before Shen's Addiction Contest ends!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tag Time: Honest Scrap

Hi everybodilicious!! :)

Thanks to Nikkiz for this Honest Scrap Award. Nikkiz or Nikki as I call her and I met via Girltalk of She's what I consider an MMU Guru who aids a lot of us noob in MMU before like choosing shades, shipping concerns and what nots. She's very helpful that when Annieliese of ShadesofU offered to buy me Beige-ing Shadestick, Nikkiz didn't mind sending them to me. She's truly a wonderful person. :)

on to honest scrap!

1. I cheated on my ex-boyfriends when i was with them. I wouldn't tell who but I did entertain other guys when I was in a relationship with them, just not in "that" way though.

2. I'm more addicted to gadgets than makeups. If I have the money to buy each latest gadgets, I will do so and make reviews about.

3. I don't shave regularly. Yuck, i know! But yeah this is me being honest! :) I wait a while and have it waxed instead because I hate shaving.

4. I powder my butt cheeks after baths like my mom use to do when i was a baby. :) I have a separate powder puff for that and can't say my grooming complete with it.

5. I don't eat vegatable! don't ask why, I just don't. although lately, i've been experimenting in eating green leafy vegetable.

6. I love Law. I hate law school. Honestly, I love reading my books and my codals, even cases. But the stress of law school sucks the life out of me. If i could just do home law schooling, i would be better off. I actually read my Codals now more than I ever did for the past two years. LOL!

7. I'm not attracted to guys who are artistically-inclined like visual artists, painters, dancers, singers, actors, models, etc and athletes. It's not really a turn off, but I just don't find them attractive. I'm more of the men-in-uniform-type-of-girl.

8. Like Nikkiz, I'm a spendthrift. But I spend money beyond my means. LOL!

9. I'm addicted to crime-drama tv series. I could spend an entire day watching CSI (lv, ny, and miami), criminal minds, NCIS, etc.

10. I honestly thought I wouldn't get to 10 of this tag! :)

I"m sure I'm the last person on the blogworld who did this. But if by any chance any of you haven't, please indulge me and post one for fun! :)

much love,

Things I did and Loving! (Sasha Fierce, HTC Diamond, Philosophy, Garnier Eye Roll-on

Hi everyone!

The BF and I finally saw the condominium unit we got January of this year. We are hopeful that it'll be ready by June. It's a great reminder for me to save up and actually sell some of my makeups (which i already did here). We had the two bedroom converted to one bedroom so that we can have access to the balcony. It has 2 big windows that I am just thrilled about because adjacent to our building will be the clubhouse. What a view, right? We're facing the East so I'm hoping for view of the sunrise. I can imagine breakfasting every morning at our balcony (le sigh!) as I listen to good music.

Speaking of good music. I am so addicted to Beyonce's Album, I am Sasha Fierce. I swear I can sing most of the songs on it. Getting it is totally worth it! The songs Ave Maria (reminds me of Mom), Disapper, Broken-Hearted Girl and Ego are some of my favorite. I can just listen to this all day and night on my player.

Beyonce's I am... Sasha Fierce!

Anyway, the BF and I hit Trinoma Mall today to watch Nicholas Cage's movie, Knowing (2009). It was okay. But I'm kind of put off by films making human look like the only reason the world is coming to an end and then end up killing all of us. Really, are we that bad? I don't think so. Effects wise, it looks to Twilight Zone-ish. I don't mean that in a bad way since Twilight Zone made me fall for Sci-fi films. But damn do Nicholas Cage knows how to act. I just love him!

We had early dinner at Holy Cow Chophouse, Trinoma. It was okay. I was still full to fully appreciate the stuff we ordered. I love the atmosphere, though. You can definitely have an intimate dinner here before the crowd comes in. I love their interior a lot. R's steak was also good, yumm in 4 stars.. If I were you, order the Charcoal grilled steaks.

Holy Cow ChopHouse

During the whole time at the mall, i kept playing with my new PDA Phone, HTC Diamond. Well, not so really new since I got it second-hand from my uncle. He slashed like 70% off the original price. I couldn't resist not getting it! His driver, kuya Bob, delivered it to me last night. I couldn't stay away.

It almost has everything I want in a mobile PC! Save that i doesn't have group text and side scroll, doesn't bother me at all. It has Office, Microsoft Reader, 4g internal storage, easy sync (via Windows Mobile Device Center if you're a Vista user or Activesync 4.5 if you're an XP or lower user.) It has TouchfloTM that makes tappping, flowing (like in iphone) a breeze. It was multiple inputs such a QWERTY pad, Phone pad (similar to cellphones), Keyboard, Letter Recognizer etc. Did I mention its sleek design? It looks so stylish and almost out of this world. But what i love most about this is that I don't have to separate my reading from taking calls and texting. I don't have to bring my Dopod Mobile PC and Nokia N95 all the the time. I can just bring this one super light PDA phone. I give his phone 4.9 Kikay Pinay Points.

HTC Touch Diamond

2.8-inch touch screen, with four times the pixels of most phones.

Vibrant TouchFLO 3D user interface, responding perfectly to your finger gestures when scrolling through contacts, browsing the web, and launching media… all vividly displayed as photos and artwork powered by the 3D graphics processor.
HTC Weather - providing a constant view of weather at home and abroad.
Surf and download at broadband speed with HSDPA internet connectivity.
3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera for quality stills and video.
4GB of internal storage to preserve more photos, music, files and exchanged data than ever before.
Integrated GPS for use with maps software for a full turn-by-turn satellite navigation experience.
-from HTC website

With this new phone and netbook keeping me up at night, I'm grateful that my skin is not acting as much as it does before. Thankful to my new skin care arsenal, I am keeping the bad breakouts at bay especially since its that time of the month.

I hope I am not speaking too son but Philosophy's The Miracle Worker is a dream. I got this a week or two ago and it's been making my skin baby smooth. Not kidding here!I realized that I need to keep my skin exfoliated well so i don't clog my uber big pores. :) I hope this continuously work for me as I partner it with Dermatological procedures.

I love that it has the Microdelivery Kit in 1 oz. while it has the best-selling skin care products of Philosophy, Hope in a Jar, Hope in a Tube, Microdelivery Exfoliating wash and Purity Wash. I am so addicted to all of these products!

Philosophy's The Miracle Worker

As for my eyes, aside from the one that came with The Miracle Worker. I use my favorite Garnier Eye Roll-on. I love that it depuffs my eyes by about 40% to 60%, making me look less harrased. :)

Garnier Eye Roll-on

Full reviews and actual pictures on the products will be uploaded soon.

That's it for now! Still need to get some Zzzz... we can't simply rely on beauty products. :)

much love,

P.S. Contest nearing it's end!! I'll be drawing on March 31st! :) Please watch out for that. Still have 3 more days to join!!! :) Hurry!!
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