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Hi everybodilicious!! :)

Thanks to Nikkiz for this Honest Scrap Award. Nikkiz or Nikki as I call her and I met via Girltalk of Femalenetwork.com. She's what I consider an MMU Guru who aids a lot of us noob in MMU before like choosing shades, shipping concerns and what nots. She's very helpful that when Annieliese of ShadesofU offered to buy me Beige-ing Shadestick, Nikkiz didn't mind sending them to me. She's truly a wonderful person. :)

on to honest scrap!

1. I cheated on my ex-boyfriends when i was with them. I wouldn't tell who but I did entertain other guys when I was in a relationship with them, just not in "that" way though.

2. I'm more addicted to gadgets than makeups. If I have the money to buy each latest gadgets, I will do so and make reviews about.

3. I don't shave regularly. Yuck, i know! But yeah this is me being honest! :) I wait a while and have it waxed instead because I hate shaving.

4. I powder my butt cheeks after baths like my mom use to do when i was a baby. :) I have a separate powder puff for that and can't say my grooming complete with it.

5. I don't eat vegatable! don't ask why, I just don't. although lately, i've been experimenting in eating green leafy vegetable.

6. I love Law. I hate law school. Honestly, I love reading my books and my codals, even cases. But the stress of law school sucks the life out of me. If i could just do home law schooling, i would be better off. I actually read my Codals now more than I ever did for the past two years. LOL!

7. I'm not attracted to guys who are artistically-inclined like visual artists, painters, dancers, singers, actors, models, etc and athletes. It's not really a turn off, but I just don't find them attractive. I'm more of the men-in-uniform-type-of-girl.

8. Like Nikkiz, I'm a spendthrift. But I spend money beyond my means. LOL!

9. I'm addicted to crime-drama tv series. I could spend an entire day watching CSI (lv, ny, and miami), criminal minds, NCIS, etc.

10. I honestly thought I wouldn't get to 10 of this tag! :)

I"m sure I'm the last person on the blogworld who did this. But if by any chance any of you haven't, please indulge me and post one for fun! :)

much love,

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