New: Beauty by SM at SM Makati (more gift ideas)

The newly renovated Beauty by SM of SM Makati is really the place to be for the Holidays. :) I still remember when this department was called Health and Beauty in many SM Malls. Back in my puberty years, my mom could just leave me there and I wander along the aisles of beauty items. Yeah, I'm kikay like that. :)

But now, they have revamped it in a whole lot of way. Better spacing, accommodating but not too persistent sales ladies, better selections and division of products and the interior that is just to die for! If mom was here, she would probably love it too because it's really well put together and there are no confusing areas for those in a hurry. Everything is really easy to find. :)

Pharmacy/Watson's Drugstore is just within the area so moms need not to go elsewhere for the medication needs of their families. :) Same thing for us working girls who's crunched up for time. Love that it is also situated near the entrance/exit for easier access.

Men's Zone or what I call the Day Care Center for the Men is love. It has everything my man needs in one area that he wouldn't need to walk around near any cosmetics. :) I could just leave him there and pick him up when we are ready to pay. :)

Dental Care which has the most amzing selections of products for your pearly whites.

a toothpaste that takes away the appetite. Yum!

love mentholated stuff and that includes, toothpastes.

TAMPAX!!! :) yey!

On to more products: :)

Tri-aktiline, line reducing miracle ointment! Love this. :)

Lyra experiencing how Tri-aktiline lessened the look and feel off of the line on her hands.

I love LOLA! :)
Did you know that Lola stands for Lust Often, Love Always... how Boudoir!

This one is on my Christmas Wishlist

This one, too.

People just crazy over Lola.

This whole counter is on the List, not just for Christmas. :)

how can you resist those packaging?

Luna Twilight, a sister cosmetics of Lola gives you all the look to personify your favorite Twilight girl. :)

I'm crazy about twilight but I love this line

Luna Twilight palette is so thin it can fit most smaller bags for that ready touch up moments. :)
Yes, this is on the list, too. :)

Skin Care of Clinelle is heavily tested by its endorser. Loving the Snow White Mask.

Hair Coloring products. You know this one caught my attention.

Ianti, a new cosmetics brand from Korea. Really somwthing worth to look at.

Revlon's interactive touch screen monitor gives you an idea on how their product will look on a certain skin type. Gifting cosmetics will not be too difficult. :)

Jonathan Har Products

This exceptional innovation provides a ultra-clean water to rinse your hair with. Just atttach is to your shower.

This Hydrating travel-size line allows you to try Jonathan's best seller for only Php1500.00.

Colorscience, a mineral make-up brand that is love by true mineral makeup enthusiasts.

Coverl Girl love!

don't you just love the lighten surface that each counter has? Sigh!

great deals for my favorite hair conditioner.

new hair products for the boys. :)

More gifts ideas below:

Watson brand bath care are great as holiday gifts for your nieces, friends, etc.

this complete package is something I could appreciate because Dove is my go-to bath care right now. :)

great for giveaways

Radox, a new bath and body brand.

got attracted to Kotex Luxe's packaging for their newest pad.

My small haulage. :)

The Swiper and I really enjoyed walking around Beauty by SM for more than an hour. I could really spend a lot of my idle time browsing and choosing what new products to take home with me. I love how the place is classy but not too intimidating and the prices of most products are really affordable. It didn't hurt as well that there were many discounts on a lot of good products. Beauty by SM is for everyone, not just for kikays like me.

I guess, I know where I'll be seeing you soon, Ladies! :)

much love,

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