Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse (initial)

Sorry you haven't been seeing a lot of posts from me lately. I've been very busy with work and something else that I can't tell you yet. But I wish it will change the path of life soon. Also, I'm getting the writer's block. I'm running out of ideas but that's not true when I have so many post about... Hai Dios mio..

But nevertheless, here is an attempt from yours truly. :)

I was all too excited when I saw the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse at the Revlon counter this week but I was on no-buy mode. You know how much I wanted this one since I was lemming for it on a previous post. Thank God for an Angel, I was able to obtain one. :)

Here she is!!!

DSC_0192 copy by you.
My newest baby to road test. :)

Mineral Mousse, don't you just love those words when put together? And I don't see any paraben on the ingredients either so that's a great go-signal for mineral makeup users. :) It has a scent similar to primers (smashbox mainly) with foundation in it. Many ladies out there can use this alone even without primer or even setting powder but for oily skin ladies like me, I suggest that we set this with a sheer powder like Ellana Sheer Velvet or MUFE's HD powder.

DSC_0209 copy by you.
a little bit of oil comes out at first squirt, so better let the oil get absorbed by a tissue before competely squeezing the product out.

DSC_0210 copy by you.
I love the even finish compared to another mousse foundation I tired. As always, a little goes a long way. Be careful during application to get an even coverage.

DSC_0217 copy by you.

Since Titatium Dioxide was the main ingredient, you may experience whitish cast on pictures. Opt for a darker powder to counteract this. I'll be having more difficulty because I chose a lighter shade than my skintone because of my acidic skin.

DSC_0218 copy by you.
Notice that my green veins are almost invisible with just a tad application of the Revlon Mineral Mousse. I am hoping this will do the same to my dark spots with little to no need of a concealer.

Overall, I love the matte finish and the smooth feel of this foundation. My skin feels light and the fact that it has SPF 20 was a bonus. Since its a mineral foundation, its safe to use everyday. The price is only P875.00 for the 30ml tube.

Intensive review to follow regarding skin reactions, staying power (it is the colorstay line), and which ever you may suggest that I take note of.

til next post!

much love,

P.S. Ohhh... it's the "ber" months already!

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  1. Looks gorgeous!!!

  2. Hi Shen! I've tried but I somehow couldn't find your intensive review for this one.. Can you share the link?
    I'm looking for a medium to heavy coverage foundation that's safe to use everyday and lasts all day, too. I'm hoping this could be it!


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