Pink Manila's Button-down Blue Dress

pink manila button down blue dress by you.

Dresses became my fashion favorite when Gossip Girl became popular in the last 2 years. However, it is not merely on the attempt of looking like Blair Waldorf do I wear dresses.

Upon doning the semi-short statement pieces, I realized how flattering dresses are to my figure and its ability to camouflage my burgeoning belly and arms. To achieve this though, I must be careful in choosing which dress to buy. Believe me, there are dresses that makes me scream because my overloaded figure is showing.

Dresses makes me feel more feminine. When I'm in a dress, I pay more attention on how I act towards people and I seem to be more polite and even-tempered.

If indeed fashion changes a person, this might be what they were talking about.

This dress I bought for a friend's party but was unable to go to due to the bad weather. I like how it fits my 110 going to 130 lbs body. Although I had to double tape the upper portion on the button down since it opens up due to my 36C chest. It's just in bad taste when your boobies are peeking so use a double tape all the time just in case.

In the photo, I wore the following:
Blue button down dress & belt from Pink Manila (P600/$12)
Gunmetal hobo bag from HDY (2 for P850/$17)
White summer sandals from People are People (P999/$20)
Accessories are made by yours truly
Egyptian Queen Wrap Bracelet (P250/$5)
Y pink necklace (P200/$4)
*Thanks to Jo-An for correcting me

Pink Manila has been my go-to for nice dresses. I would always check out their store inside Fashion Village at Tiendesitas because it is nearest my place. It's extremely affordable and their clothes are truly well-made. If I want something that is up to date fashion piece but got no moolah to spend, I'll definitely check out Pink Manila. Best thing is, it's made in the Philippines.
There are more stores that I find quality buys without the high price tags. But more on those in later posts.

Pink Manila is available at The Ramp, Crossings Department Stores, Greenhills and Tiendesitas.

much love,

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  1. hi shen! was wondering if you know where pink manila in greenhills is located?:)

  2. Hanna_tiam7/8/11 3:26 PM

    hi where do you buy pink manila clothes?


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