Help Jasmine Fight the Enemy in Mio's Body

When I read about Mio, the son of my cousin's classmate in HS and whose mother are acquaintance to many bloggers (ie Topaz Horizon)/writers i know, I couldn't believe it. I said a silent prayer to God "God, don't let another person suffer losing her loved one to that disease."

Mio is but 5 year old boy. No mother is ever ready for this kind of trial. Why, is the question that resounds all of us. But who are we to question God's way, right?

Needless to say, Jasmine, Mio's mother who is but a year older than I am, deals with this trial now everyday of her life. The ordeal she's going through could really test the best of men... How can one deal with the sickness that reside inside one's child? A child who has so much potential, a child whose been enveloped with love and nurture from people around him since he was an infant.

How can a mother survive this?

Jasmine's faith is being tested as the day goes on with every treatment and with every results. There is nothing I can say to make it all better. All I can do is continously pray that the cancer leave Mio's body so he may live his life the way his mother envisioned. And to give any help I could, monetary or otherwise.

However, if people like you would be able to share anything other than prayers, you can also do the following.

1. Join the support group via
2. You can also purchase any of Beauty for a Living's sale, proceeds of which entirely goes to Mio's medical expenses.
3. You can also sign up via LIVEARMSTRONG and enlist your name.
4. Donate any kind of amount to provide ease of Mio's medical needs. email:
5. Spread the Word about Mio. We may not be able to give out money or volunteer for his treatments, but in spreading the word, we may reach people who may be able to help whether in financial terms or by service.
6. Share your ideas. If you have more ideas on how to help out Mio, email

Let's help in anyway we can.
Let's help Mio become a miracle to all of us.

much love,

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