Dollface Cosmetics 72 piece Neutral Palette and 15 piece Concealer Palette

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It's all I could say when I received these babies!! I can't help but drool over these two on the Dollface Cosmetics site.... Now I have them! These palettes are sooo must have for every makeup enthusiast. Its truly worth the buy.

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15 piece Concealer Palette
This palette is very versatile. There are so many uses. Like:
1. As concealer, of course
2. Cream contouring (great for bridal makeup)
3. Eyeshadow base (silver)
4. Corrector (green and violet)
5. As foundation. (scoop small amount to a separate container and sprits a little facial mist or Fix+)
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73 piece Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

This is a must have for makeup artists whose forte are bridal makeups.
As for those who doesn't want to dip their toes into the colorful sea of makeup, this is the palette for you. I would have loved it though if it had black. But this the rest of the eyeshadow made up for the loss anyway. I'm very happy with this palette. Its such a great find.

I'm glad that I have the 15 piece Concealer Palette because I can use that as a primer base for these shadows to make the colors pop more. Now I can practice and recreate film and protrography makeup with these palettes.

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Here's my attempt at using the 72 Piece palette (no base)

1. Use a base to acquire more pigmentation with the colors especially for fair skinned.
2. Play with colors to get great dimensional look for the eyes
(imagine tv show type of eyelooks compared from the night out type like smokey eyes)
Definitely a great practice for those who want to practice in doing film and television because that usually doesn't require shimmery looks. Mattes register well on the screen.
3. You can use the deeper brown shades as eyebrow colors or the lighter shade for contouring the nose.

Dollface Cosmetics is available via their website

or you may visit them at their very first anniversary sale...

click to see how to get there

click to go to the mechanics

happy makeup everyone!! :)

much love,

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