Shu Uemura's new Skincare Line Red:Juvenus

"In Japan, red is known as the source of energy flow for life and beauty and a scared color traditionally representing the sun. Amalaki, a precious reed ingredient which was listed in an catalogue of Nara era (8th century) in japan, is considered as the best among all rejuvenating herbs. Inspired by the power of red, shu uemura introduces red:juvens, the 1st innovative skin beauty program with Phyto-Red Energy Complex of Amalaki + Pomegranate + Lycopene Capsule 2X, to fight the appearance of 1st signs of aging such as fine lines, 1st wrinkles and loss of elasticity."

I have never tried a whole line of anti-aging skincare before. I didn't think i was that old to actually look into that kind of products. Shu Uemura's latest skincare line however didn't make me feel so old... actually it made me feel a bit important. Imagine a skincare that focuses on the first signs of aging... ehem, that's about us, ladies of late 20's and 30's. Red:Juvens keeps the youthfulness of the skin by the diffrent concoctions of anti-oxidants (amalaki, lycopene and pomenagrate) and made as well in Deepsea Water that will surely provide a rejuvenated skin.

So far, the product is slowly working its magic on my tired, stressed skin. It has already reduced the lines under my eyes that I have been perusing at the mirror months before that other eye creams seems can't seem to get rid off. Instead of the usual 2 dominant lines, I am only seeing one with just about a weeks worth of these products.

My favorite among the line is the Red:Juvens Intense Vitalizing Concentrate that contains the highest concentration of Phyto-Red Energy Complex. A few drops of this is enough for the whole face. I definitely saw immediate results in the morning. Talk about baby smooth soft skin. :)

I use Red:Juvens religiously every night. In the morning, I use Red:Juvens Vitalizing refining Lotion and Vitalizing line-reducing eye essence. I use a quick pump of the Vitalizing Retexturizing Emulsion for my face and neck prior to application of sunblock and/or face primer. Some of you might find the product too much for the oily skin. But I would sacrifice looking oily instead of seeing lines on my face in the future. After all, a blotting paper easily fixes oily skin... getting rid of wrinkles will take a more envasive and costly treatments. Nothing I could afford in the future, I'm sure. Also, I notice that my breakouts have minimized save for few small bumps.

I also love the sweet scent of Red:Juvens, that can only be the caused of the potent amalaki berries and pomegranates. The red packaging is just lovely... great to give as gifts. If mom were here, I'm sure she already took this set from me because red is her favorite color (it gives her luck, she says). :)

see, Ma... no lines!

Hoping that I don't get more lines (unless I really have to)....

Maturity shouldn't to be seen in our faces, it should be seen in our actions. :)

much love,

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